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It's been months since I made a vid recs post. [And what better what to proscrastinate on actually vidding than in rewatching recent faves for "inspiration"]

Vid Recs: Leverage, Psych, SPN, BSG, and True Blood )

J2 Fic and Podfic Recs )

Now your turn! Recs for me please :)
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Somedays my flist is just the best frakking thing on the planet!

In addition to the wondrous help I got from y'all for my moodtheme poll, there were shenanigans of my favorite sort: CRACKPOETRY FTW!!!

Jo posted a new Jamie Bamber interview, that amongst other juicy details, reveals that he thinks he has a rather big bum for his size/stature. Fangirls to the rescue! D wrote a hilarious Sir Mixalot parody: Jamie Got Back and my brain spat out some Shakespearean spoof: The Bamcheeks curve is nothing like the moon. So much fun!
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Haven't contributed anything fun in a while but I've been reading/watching/lurking as time allows and now I have a Texas-sized rec list to share!!!

BSG and Whedon-related awesomeness )

SPN and J2 AUs )

In books and reading-land )

Any recs for me? vids? slash? pilots? books? movies?
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I'm just bursting with flist love and admiration right now, because y'all are kicking some serious ass I have to say.

[ profile] bop_radar just made the most gorgeous and nuanced Lex Luthor vid to Paranoid Android by Radiohead.

It's complex. It's intense. It's BEAUTIFUL. And it may be one of the best damn vids I've ever ever seen.

Other fandom joys of late:

It is worth mentioning the awesome multi-fandom vid by [ profile] giandujakiss to Squeeze's Hourglass. It's all about time loops in different shows, including Buffy, SPN and SG, and it strikes a marvelous balance between humorous and poignant.

I also cracked up hard at 1) this v v serious picspam essay on intertextuality in Supernatural; 2) QoT's hilarious crack!fic RumpelGaeta; and 3) [ profile] millari's Gaius and Gaeta epistolary catfight.

Also? My appetite for J2 AU is apparently boundless right now. Here be more recs than you can shake a stick at.
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Vid recs from the last couple of months:

I know/hope that BSG fandom will be exploding with a bunch of new vids now that the S3 discs are out, so I figured I should weigh in on some of my recent favorites before then.

BSG vids )

SPN vids )

Other fandoms and multi-fandom ones )

So, now that we've established that I only really like vids with mountains of action/angst or that are 100% fluffy/crackalicious, and that I tend to prefer song choices that are loud and angry or silly and dancey...anyone wanna rec me some awesome vids? Doesn't matter if they're not one of my favorite fandoms, I watch outside of my fandoms all the time :)

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