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It's been months since I made a vid recs post. [And what better what to proscrastinate on actually vidding than in rewatching recent faves for "inspiration"]

Vid Recs: Leverage, Psych, SPN, BSG, and True Blood )

J2 Fic and Podfic Recs )

Now your turn! Recs for me please :)
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Details for bidding on a vid from me )

And I plan on buying at least two vids and one fic! I've got more bunnies than time right now, and I NEEEED to see some of these things made. Yay for Sweet Charity!
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My OT3 vid, Bonafied Lovin, is up for Most Humorous in the Driver Picks the Music - Viewers Choice Awards. Yayyyyyy!

Vote for me HERE!

And go check out all the other amazing stuff by other vidders that are up for awards!
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This is the kind of stuff that I LOOOOOVE in fandom. You can vote for your favorite characters in different comedy, drama, scifi and teen fandoms (and when you don't recognize fandoms/characters, you can just click a bunch of random buttons, woohoo!). Then the steel cage madness will ensue!

My girl Kara is hardcore pwning for BSG fandom. CJ Cregg and Josh Lyman are really close. Bret is beating my boy Jemaine by a mere handful of votes. Faith is getting whupped by Buffy and Spike. Logan and Weevil are both getting spanked by Veronica. And WHERE are the Sam girls? Dean is totally beating him right now?!?
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By popular request:

T-shirt version of Mr BQ's toaster love cartoon for sale over at

I'll upload more of the cylon cartoons to zazzle once the Mr cleans them up.

Happy BSG-nerd-shirting everyone!

Zazzle just pulled the shirt because someone claimed copyright/intellectual property rights on the image, WTF. Nobody else drew that besides S so maybe NBC/Uni is claiming intellectual property rights to the IDEA of cylons? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS DUMBASSERY.
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Don't forget to vote over at SASA for the best essay from our recent essay contest (and while you're there stop and show some love to the lovely fangirls/fanboys who took the time to write them!).

Pilots FTW!!!!!!
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I'm hard at work on my two new vids but there is SO MUCH DAMN PREP TIME in vidding for a new fandom (notes! notes! and more notes!) and I got a little disheartened I took a stroll through my 'vids to watch' bookmarks tab and cheered myself up with the awesomeness of fandom/vidding/vidders in general.

Recs to share: SPN, SGA, BSG and more! )
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Offering myself up on Sweet Charity for the first time this year here.

*bats my eyelashes at the vidders on my flist* Wouldn't mind if some of YOU guys offered yourselves up for sale too so I could steal your brains bid for your skills.

Details for bidding on me )

In OTHER pimping news, everyone on my flist interested in vidding should go over here and participate in some awesome vidding discussion with friendly local lj-ers.
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Don't forget to run on over to [ profile] sasa_hq and sign up for our delightfully nerdy essay contest. Today is the last day to sign up, and the contest will run through the end of the summer.

If you ship Kara/Lee, represent by being the bestest, most brilliant and verbose shipper you know how to be!
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I'm having a huge DUH moment. I've just fallen in love all over again with a vidder that I already KNEW was awesomecakes, because I *airquotes* just discovered a huge cache of gorgeous and awesome and wonderful Kara vids by her: [ profile] superduperkc.

So I'm here to show a little love to KC. Because she seriously rocks my socks. And because I feel like a doofus for not realizing that she had vidded more in BSG fandom than Battlestar Inferno and Passive Manipulation (both of which I've rec'd before).

New-to-me recs!

All Fired Up - the kind of kick-ass Kara action vid that makes me want to pump my fist in the air and dance around my living room like an idiot
Scratch - the kind of achey S3 character study that makes me just fall for Kara and her gorgeous broken-ness all over again every time
You Passed By - this one just makes me cry. every time. 'nuff said.


Maybe I'll have to do a nothing-but-favorite-Kara vids rec post sometime. What are yours? We'll take [ profile] dualbunny's Cuz I Can and God Is a DJ as fandom-wide givens for favorite, so rec me something else.

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Because [ profile] alissabobissa is just about the awesomest thing ever to awesome, she made gorgeous and hilarious icons for FRAC: Fangirls for Recently Activated Cylons. Snag one and join the movement to support your local spoilers for recently revealed cylon identities )
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Have to pop in and interrupt my regularly scheduled getting-ready-for-work-week program to bring you a rec for one of the most amazing fic and vid combo's ever in the history of fangirl brain-twin mind-melds:

[ profile] super_kc wrote a truly amazing fic for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon that explored an Anders/Duck AU on New Caprica that was beautiful and painful and believable and PERFECT.

And then [ profile] dayln03 was inspired to make a companion vid that took all my favorite, gut-wrenching images from the fic and just added even more layers of nuance and meaning to this AU relationship. *AM NOW DED FROM TEH AWESOME*

Now I have to gush about how much I love fandom, and the sheer fucking awesomeness of brilliant and talented people who support and inspire one another to phenomenal heights of creativity, and I LOVE EVERYONE. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

That is all.

/capslock-heavy love-fest
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Vid recs from the last couple of months:

I know/hope that BSG fandom will be exploding with a bunch of new vids now that the S3 discs are out, so I figured I should weigh in on some of my recent favorites before then.

BSG vids )

SPN vids )

Other fandoms and multi-fandom ones )

So, now that we've established that I only really like vids with mountains of action/angst or that are 100% fluffy/crackalicious, and that I tend to prefer song choices that are loud and angry or silly and dancey...anyone wanna rec me some awesome vids? Doesn't matter if they're not one of my favorite fandoms, I watch outside of my fandoms all the time :)
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Rather than grovel for not having been around during the holidays, I'm going to start the new year with a whole damn bunch of fandom love. First, a vid rec post for all of my favorites of 2007!

My 2007 Vid Recs by Fandom

BSG, always first in my heart *g* )

Supernatural, which I'm totally going to start vidding as soon as I get to start my Xmas gift card shopping spree! )

Other fandoms: Whedon-verse and Harry Potter )

And a little shameless self-pimpage, since 2007 was my first year as a vidder... )

Yay for vids :) If you saw or made something awesome in '07, comment and tell me all about it! Next up will be a Fic Rec list for last year, hopefully up in the next day or two.
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Behold! There are now huge and gorgeous Crack!vid and Crack!poetry rec lists up over at [ profile] bsg_crack. Just the thing to keep many a fangirl warm on a cold crackless night! Please comment if you think of more, and Denise and I should have the Crack!fic List of Joy up in a bit.

OMG!so many crack!vids

OMG!so many crack!poems

Or as [ profile] jedisam so brilliantly put it:

Now I'm going to disappear and do many many evil homeworks...*sighs*
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I'm so excited--it's finally here:

Go join [profile] bsg_crack right now!  We'll have rec lists of existing crackfic, crackvids, crackart, etc in BSG fandom and it will be a forum for any and all Galacticrack from here on. 

Yay and double-yay!  Pimpity Pimp Pimp Pimp!

PS: If any of you graphically-inclined beauties felt like making some pimping banners...I would be ever so grateful ;D

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