Oct. 15th, 2012

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partially borrowed from last year's letter :)

Dear festividder (and treaters),

Thank you so much for taking on one of my prompts! I enjoy all kinds of music styles, though I admit to favoring fast-paced/uptempo songs, and I particularly enjoy vids with attention to beat work and movement.

Some favorites music artists of mine: any pop from the 1980s (Madonna, Erasure and Depeche Mode in particular), B-52s, Cake, Beck, Gossip, Scissor Sisters, Chromeo, Black Keys, La Roux, Tori Amos, Muse, Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, Postal Service, the Indigo Girls, Led Zeppelin, Tool, VAST, The Faint, Metric, Adele, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Interpol, The Shins, Dead Can Dance, and Zero 7. Just some ideas--seriously, go with whatever moves you.

And for tone, though I love goofy/happy, I'm happy with any kind of theme or pairing or mood that strikes you. I like slash, het and gen in equal measure. I'm not as big a fan of scary or violent vids, but you might convince me.

I'm requesting The Craft, Desperately Seeking Susan, Hackers, Losers, Muppets, Real Genius, RPF-Avengers, and Willow )

Now I want my assignment!!!

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