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[community profile] festivids reveals are up! I made two vids this year Express Yourself and Little Bad Girl.

Festivids reveals always make me feel kinda like Willow: I knew it! I knew it! Well, not 'knew it' in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn't know.

I hadn't guessed my matched vidder, but this year I was pretty damn sure who my treater was. Who else knows me that well and is awesome enough to create such a delightful vid? THANK YOU DEI, I <3 YOU FOREVER AND EVERS!!!
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Title: Boys Wanna Be Her
Song: by Peaches
Vid by [profile] boom_queen
Summary: "I wanna be her, yes I do." For the Kara-Thrace-(Tiny Vids!)-A-Thon and [profile] taragel's birthday. Yay for kickass Kara!

Download the shiny version here (MB).

Stream at vimeo or youtube (Note: give it a minute to start loading before you hit play, so you don't get skips in the middle!).

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Title: Magic Man
Song by Heart
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Summary: A Labyrinth vid for festivids 2010 made for [ profile] vespertanmer. "He's a Magic Man."

Download and streaming behind the cut )

Feedback is <3 and puppies and rainbows y'all!
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Title: Open Up
Song by Leftfield and Lydon
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Summary: A highly dancey recap of the film The Fifth Element for festivids 2010 (originally posted here). Made for [ profile] wyomingnot. "Open up, make room for me."

Download and streaming behind the cut ) is <3 and sunshine and cupcakes y'all!
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Title: Regulators
Song: Regulate by Warren G
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Summary: Nothing fancy here, just a fun Kara+Helo=gangsta BFF on Caprica vidlet.

Download and streaming behind the cut )
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Title: Shoot the Runner
Song by Kasabian
Vid by boom_queen
Spoilers: Contains footage from seasons 1-5
Summary: Rodney and Ronon compete for John's attention. My new OT3 baby!

Download and streaming behind the cut )

V/N: Thank you so much to [ profile] mystic_aleisha for choosing me at Sweet Charity and giving me such an AWESOME idea to work with. Thanks to Mr. BQ and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for their beta-fu :)

Also, feedback is made of love and hugs and other happy-making things.
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Not a TOTAL remaster, because I didn't replace all of the clips, but I cleaned it up a whole lot and I'm much happier with it now. So much shinier!

new streaming version and download link for new shiny version behind cut )
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Title: Lunatic Fringe
Song by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Spoilers: Contains footage from seasons 1-3
Summary: A 'demon-hunting, ass-kicking' Winchester video for Sweet Charity.

Download the big shiny vid here (40 MB)

Stream at imeem or youtube, or watch here:

V/N: Thanks to Mr. BQ and [ profile] sundancekid for being such helpful betas :)
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Title: Tap That
Song by Megan McCauley
Fandom: Buffyverse/Supernatural Crossover. Includes footage from BtVS, AtS and SPN.
Warnings: Gratuitous smirking. Also, includes footage up through SPN 4.06.
Watch: Download and stream behind the cut (2:42, 34 MB).

Made for my bidder who asked for a sexy, sassy Faith/Dean crossover video. )
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Title: Acceptable in the Eighties
Song by Calvin Harris
Fandom: multi-fandom Eighties movies including The Babysitter's Club, Better Off Dead, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Breakfast Club, Can't Buy Me Love, Desperately Seeking Susan, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Fast Times as Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Flashdance, Footloose, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Ghostbusters, Heathers, Mannequin, One Crazy Summer, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, Splash, Teen Witch, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, Weird Science, and Who's That Girl.
Rating/Warning: PG/PG-13, but there are a LOT of bad clothing decisions...
Watch: Download and stream behind the cut (3:46 minutes, 33 MB).

Summary: The question isn't 'what are we going to do today?' The question is 'what AREN'T we going to do today?', or A Day In The Life of an Eighties Teen/Twentysomething

It was acceptable in the eighties, it was acceptable at the time )

Feedback is happy-making!
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Title: Bonafied Lovin'
Song by Chromeo
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Pairings: Anders/Kara vs Lee/Kara (Kara/Lee/Anders=OT3 baby!)
Spoilers: Contains footage up through episode 4.03
Summary: A smack-talking showdown between Anders and Lee. Either way Kara wins!

ETA: This vid won Most Humorous in Round 22 at Driver Picks the Music Awards, yay!

Download, streaming and lyrics behind the cut )

Vidder Notes )


Cross-posted like whoa.
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Title: Take Me Now
Music by: Vicious Pink
Vidder: [ profile] boom_queen
Spoilers: SPOILERY. Includes footage from S4.
Warnings: Crack!slash
Pairings: Gaius/Gaeta, Helo/Chief, Chief/Anders, Lee/Chief, Anders/Lee, Helo/Lee, Tigh/Adama, Romo/Lee, Doral/Doral, Gaeta/Chief, Chief/Gaius, Anders/Duck, Anders/Helo/Gaeta, and Gaius/Gaius.
Summary: A multi-pairing slashfest for the men of BSG. Not to be taken seriously. Drool, giggle and enjoy yourselves :)

Download or stream behind cut )

Feedback is love :)

Cross-posted to [ profile] bsg_slash, [ profile] galactica_vids, [ profile] battlestar_blog and [ profile] vidding.

V/N: Thanks to Mr. BQ, [ profile] sundancekid, and [ profile] nebakanezer for feedback. Many thanks to the fine fangirls of [ profile] bsg_slashathon for inspiration and ideas on some of the pairings I am less familiar with ;)
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Well, it only took me EIGHT MONTHS to get my act together after my last vid. Granted I finished grad school and got my 'real' job in the meantime...but STILL. Unexcusable absence from vidding!

I had the idea for this vid ages ago, but it was more like a crack!vid bunny at the time. Then S4 happened, and I finally had enough footage to support my crazy-ass idea, and it got all character-driven and achey. I want to hug my Chief even more after making this. Seriously--the man needs a hug.

Title: Ball and Chain
Vidder: [ profile] boom_queen
Song: "5446 was my number/ Ball and chain" by Sublime (song edited by me)
Spoilers: Up through episode 4.03.
Character/pairings: Chief, Chief/Boomer, Chief/Cally, Final Four cylons
Summary: An equally painful and funny look at the gradual stripping of all Tyrol's ideals and illusions as he loses his relationships and his identity. With reggae/dub.
V/N: Beta credits for this one go to Mr. BQ

Cut for streaming, download link and lyrics - SPOILERS FOR S4 )

Comments/feedback make me do the Dance of Joy.
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I've had a few requests recently for re-uploads of old vids, and I'd been meaning to get some permanent hosting I just spent most of the afternoon/evening setting up hosting, uploading my old vids and creating a home page for permanent links. I updated all the download links in my LJ vid posts too. Now I'm pooped but I have a shiny new site for all past and future vids, yay!!!

You can check it out here, if you're curious (or if you felt like going on a wild downloading rampage *g*).

Happy three-day weekend to all my US flisters! I'll be sleeping in late, not working, and looking forward to leisurely beta'ing new Kara fic from my girl [ profile] amaleka_crone. Life is good :)
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Song: "The Humans Are Dead" by Flight of the Conchords
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through the end of season 3
Summary: Complete crack!vid where the Cylons brag about wiping out all the humans.

Vidder's note: This is a live audio track so my apologies for the audience laughter and background noise (I scrubbed it as much as I could without losing the band's vocals!).

This is the vid that has been eating my brain for most of the summer! I give all credit for the idea to [ profile] wisteria_ , because I couldn't think of vidding anything else as soon as she mentioned the idea of using this song for a BSG vid. I also owe big time creative credit to both [ profile] nebakanezer and [ profile] dionusia for feeding my vidding muse with clip ideas and feedback. Thanks everyone!

Download for the .mov file here (53 MB)

Streaming at IMEEM behind the cut (or link directly here).

Onto the crackvid! )
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ETA: remastered version of this vid available here.

I've been working on this vid all month and now it's done, YAY! Wow, I don't know if I'll ever have the energy to vid to techno again, but I found this cracktastic remix of a TV theme song during my research for that last challenge and I couldn't help myself! Big fat beta love as always for my girl D! Hope y'all enjoy :)

Song: Speed Racer theme remix by Alpha Team
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Summary: The idea is that Kara is Speed Racer and Lee is Trixie. But really this is just pure PWP action/smut crack.
Spoilers: Includes clips up through end of S3
Warning: I've never vidded to techno before so I'm not responsible for any aneurysms, seizures or extreme blushing.

Here he comes! Here comes Speed Racer! He's a demon on wheels... )

nebakanezer wrote me an awesome dialogue about the potential health hazards of watching this vid )

Cross-posted like whoa to [ profile] galactica_vids, [ profile] beyond_insane and [ profile] sasa_hq for maximum pimpage. Feedback is love :)
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And now the second one for the yahoo group challenge:

So this one also "pilots" themed but it is a little bit more upbeat and shippy. Major beta love and thanks for hand-holding to [ profile] nebakanezer on this one!

Song: "Friends" theme
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through S3
Summary: "So no one told you life was going to be this way...but I'll be there for you." can never have to many pilots? )

PS: I'm behind my flist reading/commenting because I've been keeping my mum company while she's in the hospital (in addition to the crazy vid-making)--so if I've missed something let me know. Otherwise, hold tight and I'll catch up soon :)
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With some friendly nudges from [ profile] nebakanezer, I joined the Apollo/Starbuck yahoo group just in time to participate in [ profile] tamefarrar's hiatus vid challenge. The idea of the challenge is for vidders to take tv theme songs and re-envision them with lovely K/L footage--then the writers and artists will produce fun, shippy fan-art based on these new "shows". So, my first contribution (and hopefully I'll have one or two more out before the deadline next weekend!)...

KNIGHT VIPER: Two pilots can make a difference!

Song: Knight Rider theme
Spoilers: Not really...but up through end of S3 just to be super safe
Summary: Kara + Lee + vipers = KICK ASS

yay for cracked-out pilots vids to cheesy early techno theme songs!!! )
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The first vid of my offical schools-out hiatus vid-athon! This one is for [ profile] supershineygirl for the [ profile] anders_lee challenge--I hope you like it S :)

Song: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through the end of S3
Pairing: Mainly Anders/Lee, but also some Kara/Lee and Kara/Anders (it IS a triangle after all...)
Summary: Another crackish slash vid for these two pretty pretty boys.
A/N: Crazy love for my fabulous beta [ profile] nebakanezer and her awesome help!

Links and live play under the cut )
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Hello my beauties! This is one of those interactive/feedback type polls. I'm in the rapturous throes of vid-making now for the [ profile] anders_lee challenge, and I've got a bunch more on deck, so...what do y'all want to see next? )

And, if you're feeling really generous, you could go rewatch my previous vids to tell me if I should remake my first one (as it was un-beta'd and kind of choppy).

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