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So I've seen lots of people in fandom who are all about the Cap/Iron Man, and I was kind of like, OK...

But then I watched this vid, and I read this fic (which is one of the funniest and most delighful fics I've read in ages--seriously), and gahhhhh, so much awesomeness and I totally get it now.

Other new favorite thing? Avengers roommate!fic. I want ALL the hanging-out-at-Stark-tower/mansion-roommate-shenanigans fic. Boisterous!Thor and snarky!Tony and sneaky!Natasha and cuddly!Hulk and other hilarity. Bring it!!!
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It's been months since I made a vid recs post. [And what better what to proscrastinate on actually vidding than in rewatching recent faves for "inspiration"]

Vid Recs: Leverage, Psych, SPN, BSG, and True Blood )

J2 Fic and Podfic Recs )

Now your turn! Recs for me please :)
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Title: Shoot the Runner
Song by Kasabian
Vid by boom_queen
Spoilers: Contains footage from seasons 1-5
Summary: Rodney and Ronon compete for John's attention. My new OT3 baby!

Download and streaming behind the cut )

V/N: Thank you so much to [ profile] mystic_aleisha for choosing me at Sweet Charity and giving me such an AWESOME idea to work with. Thanks to Mr. BQ and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for their beta-fu :)

Also, feedback is made of love and hugs and other happy-making things.
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I'm hard at work on my two new vids but there is SO MUCH DAMN PREP TIME in vidding for a new fandom (notes! notes! and more notes!) and I got a little disheartened I took a stroll through my 'vids to watch' bookmarks tab and cheered myself up with the awesomeness of fandom/vidding/vidders in general.

Recs to share: SPN, SGA, BSG and more! )
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Title: Take Me Now
Music by: Vicious Pink
Vidder: [ profile] boom_queen
Spoilers: SPOILERY. Includes footage from S4.
Warnings: Crack!slash
Pairings: Gaius/Gaeta, Helo/Chief, Chief/Anders, Lee/Chief, Anders/Lee, Helo/Lee, Tigh/Adama, Romo/Lee, Doral/Doral, Gaeta/Chief, Chief/Gaius, Anders/Duck, Anders/Helo/Gaeta, and Gaius/Gaius.
Summary: A multi-pairing slashfest for the men of BSG. Not to be taken seriously. Drool, giggle and enjoy yourselves :)

Download or stream behind cut )

Feedback is love :)

Cross-posted to [ profile] bsg_slash, [ profile] galactica_vids, [ profile] battlestar_blog and [ profile] vidding.

V/N: Thanks to Mr. BQ, [ profile] sundancekid, and [ profile] nebakanezer for feedback. Many thanks to the fine fangirls of [ profile] bsg_slashathon for inspiration and ideas on some of the pairings I am less familiar with ;)
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1. Friday nights are sooooo much better than Sunday nights because I can watch and squee with buddies. Watching with buddies is sooooo much better than watching by myself!

2. Holy frakking shit that was awesome!

read more... )

In conclusion, I love my show to itty bitty pieces and I'm so damn happy it's back on the air!!!
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Have to pop in and interrupt my regularly scheduled getting-ready-for-work-week program to bring you a rec for one of the most amazing fic and vid combo's ever in the history of fangirl brain-twin mind-melds:

[ profile] super_kc wrote a truly amazing fic for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon that explored an Anders/Duck AU on New Caprica that was beautiful and painful and believable and PERFECT.

And then [ profile] dayln03 was inspired to make a companion vid that took all my favorite, gut-wrenching images from the fic and just added even more layers of nuance and meaning to this AU relationship. *AM NOW DED FROM TEH AWESOME*

Now I have to gush about how much I love fandom, and the sheer fucking awesomeness of brilliant and talented people who support and inspire one another to phenomenal heights of creativity, and I LOVE EVERYONE. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

That is all.

/capslock-heavy love-fest
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Okay, I'm still working on my Best of 2007 Fic-Rec post (it's gonna be huge y'all), but I have a flist favor to ask in the meantime:

*bats eyelashes*

So, I've recently discovered a great love for genderswap. Granted, I'm a bit picky so it needs to be GOOD genderswap. But there are several slash fandoms that I dabble in (particularly my love of Clex and SPN/J2) and I'm sure that some of my flisters who have read more broadly/deeply in those fandoms can rec me some stellar genderswap, yes? [ profile] rejeneration? [ profile] cynthia_arrow? [ profile] bop_radar? Any recs for me? I'm happy to read other fandoms too if they're really well-written!

Oh, and I think I might die a thousand deaths of fandom love if some wrote me some Anders/Lee fact, my brain just broke thinking about it.
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The first vid of my offical schools-out hiatus vid-athon! This one is for [ profile] supershineygirl for the [ profile] anders_lee challenge--I hope you like it S :)

Song: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through the end of S3
Pairing: Mainly Anders/Lee, but also some Kara/Lee and Kara/Anders (it IS a triangle after all...)
Summary: Another crackish slash vid for these two pretty pretty boys.
A/N: Crazy love for my fabulous beta [ profile] nebakanezer and her awesome help!

Links and live play under the cut )
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Song: "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" by Joan Osborne
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through 3.18 "Son Also Rises"
Summary: A Sam/Lee vid from Sam's POV. This is 50% crack-vid and 50% good old-fashioned slash. (You can think of it as a visual continuation of my Sam/Lee fic from last week)

Download and lyrics under the cut... )

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