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Have to pop in and interrupt my regularly scheduled getting-ready-for-work-week program to bring you a rec for one of the most amazing fic and vid combo's ever in the history of fangirl brain-twin mind-melds:

[ profile] super_kc wrote a truly amazing fic for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon that explored an Anders/Duck AU on New Caprica that was beautiful and painful and believable and PERFECT.

And then [ profile] dayln03 was inspired to make a companion vid that took all my favorite, gut-wrenching images from the fic and just added even more layers of nuance and meaning to this AU relationship. *AM NOW DED FROM TEH AWESOME*

Now I have to gush about how much I love fandom, and the sheer fucking awesomeness of brilliant and talented people who support and inspire one another to phenomenal heights of creativity, and I LOVE EVERYONE. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

That is all.

/capslock-heavy love-fest
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I was going to make this a multi-fandom one, but I think I'll have to have one for the BSG fic and another for other fandoms because I read SO DAMN MUCH bsg this year. So here goes!

My top 5 BSG fics o' 2007 )

Another 13 that I happened to adore and would whole-heartedly rec, and there's plenty of both het and slash to go around here *g* )

Phew. Now it's bedtime!
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Okay, I'm still working on my Best of 2007 Fic-Rec post (it's gonna be huge y'all), but I have a flist favor to ask in the meantime:

*bats eyelashes*

So, I've recently discovered a great love for genderswap. Granted, I'm a bit picky so it needs to be GOOD genderswap. But there are several slash fandoms that I dabble in (particularly my love of Clex and SPN/J2) and I'm sure that some of my flisters who have read more broadly/deeply in those fandoms can rec me some stellar genderswap, yes? [ profile] rejeneration? [ profile] cynthia_arrow? [ profile] bop_radar? Any recs for me? I'm happy to read other fandoms too if they're really well-written!

Oh, and I think I might die a thousand deaths of fandom love if some wrote me some Anders/Lee fact, my brain just broke thinking about it.
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Rather than grovel for not having been around during the holidays, I'm going to start the new year with a whole damn bunch of fandom love. First, a vid rec post for all of my favorites of 2007!

My 2007 Vid Recs by Fandom

BSG, always first in my heart *g* )

Supernatural, which I'm totally going to start vidding as soon as I get to start my Xmas gift card shopping spree! )

Other fandoms: Whedon-verse and Harry Potter )

And a little shameless self-pimpage, since 2007 was my first year as a vidder... )

Yay for vids :) If you saw or made something awesome in '07, comment and tell me all about it! Next up will be a Fic Rec list for last year, hopefully up in the next day or two.
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I'm just drooling at the prospect of all the Sweet Charity vids that are going to start popping up soon, but there have been tons of awesome vids recently to keep me busy.

  1. Rec'age )

    Gratuitous Lex-kicks-ass clip off YouTube )
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Most beautiful SPN crack!vid ever here by [ profile] deirdre_c. Seriously, you don't even have to watch the show to appreciate the hilarity and the excessive prettiness of the Winchester Boys.


recent and upcoming tv squee )

Oh! and Scrubs will be back on this week. yayyyyyy!


prettypretty Jamie promo pics and some pilot-love rec's )


If y'all haven't read or seen it before, Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued is a recent favorite source of hilarious Brit fanboy snark with the Mr and I. Yes they may all seem like crazy and irrational arguments, but you know you've had one just like that too!

If nothing else, just take a look at his page for Angry Bed Positions. It's freakin priceless.


I'm dying to get my hands on the next Buffy issue now because this last one is so damn good! )

Speaking of my undying love for Faith Lehane, I bring you my contribution to M's recent desktop meme:

Snapshot of my desktop and top played songs in iTunes )


So. What have you guys been up to?
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The crack!fic rec list has been updated! Dude, I can't believe how prolific and awesome BSG fandom is. I got mad love for all y'all. *HUGS*

My favorites of the moment? [ profile] jennyo's Everyone-on-New-Caprica-gets-syphillis one, a whole slew of new-to-me fics by [ profile] cannibalcake and the Roller Derby of Doom.

And I've finally caught up on the first week or two of the teeveez. So there are spoilers and stuff behind the cut.

The cream of the crop: Chuck, the Office, Smallville, Supernatural, the BSG minisodes and Bones )

Those that suffer by comparison (and from homework-related time constraints): Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Reaper and Bionic Woman )

Anyone that feels like posting LOLmacros of the aforementioned shows in the comments will get major love from me and possibly become my new hero. You can use the ROFLbot to create them...

*nudges sneakily*
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Wow.  I think I may actually have died from the pretty this time.  It is possible to overdose on arm!pr0n?

Some brilliant people have created a Tahmoh/Trucco comm, [profile] team_tahcco , and posted the most gorgeous and comprehensive picspams I have ever seen of each:

The Tahmoh Penikett Picspam of Utter Joy

The Michael Trucco Picspam of Sheer Bliss

The Ultimate Tahmoh + Trucco = Tahcco of Lurv Picspam

They are also posting video clips of each of them in various TV/movie cameos.  THIS is why I love fandom.
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I love my flist so much.  They are all brilliant and made of win.

[profile] dionusia , [profile] wisteria_ and [profile] indigo419 have started a crack!musical (and [personal profile] queenofthorns and other anonymous crack-geniuses have been adding more songs in the comments).  The Sound of Cylons! to the music from the Sound of Music.

Also, [profile] dionusia and [personal profile] queenofthorns wrote some hilarious crack comment!fic called ADAMADRAMA III: INSURRECTION.

I'm swooning with flist-love here.  *fans self*
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I'm actually caught up on readings/teaching/tech-crap/work etc enough to justify the following extravagances:
  • Spent 9 more hours on the current vid project this week and it is currently with my beloved beta awaiting her feedback. Yayyyyyyyy for productivity! BSG+FotC owns my brain ;)
  • Posted the almighty crack!fic list which has more BSG crack than I ever knew existed (and more keeping popping up in the comments, w00t!)
  • Went to see HP5 in 3D at the IMAX _again_ with the Mr. last night! Had more time to truly appreciate the ginormous prettiness of the set/production quality on the huge-ass screen. And to lust after Sirius in his pin-striped velvet jacket of awesomeness.
  • Downloaded the entire VAST discography to get the albums I didn't already have (which I can upload some if anyone wants), as well as a bunch of study-friendly music like Royksopp and Telepopmusik
  • Spent the last three hours having one extended fangasm over new and new-to-me vids in sooooo many fandoms. So I bring rec's for all!

In summary...favorite new-to-me vidder of the week: [profile] jarrow272 !  So much pretty (it takes a damn good vidder to make beautiful AND believable femmeslash vids), and he has excellent taste in teh hawt womens, and there are a lifetime of awesome vid recs on his website.

And favorite new-to-me author of the week: [personal profile] cynthia_arrow ! Seriously y'all, so much awesome slash and other writings to be had at her journal: CW RPS (oh the prettiness of the boys of SPN and SV, and because I can't swing Wincest but I'm all over J2, and Clex!), Weevil/Logan (why don't more people write awesome, realistic W/L?), the aforementioned Sam/Lee of WIN!, deliciously hot angst Kara/Anders (cuz I can't get enough of Sam lately), and Gaius math!crack. So much to love!
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Sorry I've been so quiet! It's a bunch of things: I've been in vid-prep mode and working on a new crackpoem, my muse has been a cranky little jerk, my baby brother is staying with us (and requiring far too much 'parenting' for a 22 year old!), and I'm still adjusting to our current living situation (house-sitting=twice as many dogs to take care of and a ginormous house/yard to keep up with).

Anyways, I'm still here and I hope to have a bunch of shinies to show everyone soon. I HAVE been watching and reading a bunch though.

Speaking of even more on the look-out for another post from me soon to pimp the hell out of our BSG crack comm. [profile] dionusia   and I will convert you all in the end!!!

*insert evil cackle and maniacal hand-wringing here*
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So, for the record, I cried three times... )

Really it is a damn good book and a very satisfying ending to the series.
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I've been a bit absent from LJ the last little bit (packing up my house and getting ready to move across town=entirely too much work...), but I come bearing a good chunk of rec's for some fantastic recent Galacticrack and crack from other fandoms.

Vids and fic and picspams, oh my! )

And I've got tons more crack from other older posts and other fandoms tagged over at my Read! Frolick! Enjoy! Spread the crackish love :)
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Only two and a half weeks until spring classes are over...May is henceforth to be known as the Month-of-ZOMG-So-Much-Vidding. I have literally a dozen vid ideas mapped out and ready to go, I just need the time off to get them done--grrrrr! So, yes, MAY. I will rock all y'all's socks with oodles of viddage.

In the meantime...linkspam and rec's galore )

Don't even get me started on the Downloaded-But-Unwatched Tudors and season 4 L Word on my hard-drive...
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I take absolutely no credit for this (some genius on YouTube made it), but this has been cracking me up ALL FRAKKIN DAY.

Seriously peoples, how brilliant is that!

And EVERYBODY needs to go watch [ profile] anno_superstar's new crack!vid that features the cast of BSG to a musical number from Scrubs. It's that pee-in-your-pants, spit-coffee-on-your-monitor, howl-out-loud kind of funny. Doctors! Nurses! Patients! Dead Guys!

Yay for crack!
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I just finished up my month of rec'ing for BSG at [ profile] crack_van. It was entirely too hard deciding on just 12 fics to rec to show my favorites from my beloved fandom du jour. In the end, I ended up rec'ing the ones that I love that I thought would have the most universal appeal to those outside of fandom--since that's kind of the point of the comm: to share fics across fandoms and bring in new readers/addicts. Anyways: agonizing to narrow down, but fun to get to reread and write recs for so many of my favorite fics/authors.

In the process of sorting through BSG stories, I started a bookmarking/reclist for my favorite fanfics here. All stories are tagged by fandom and character/pairing etc. so go poke around and have fun. I'll keep updating it as I read (and I still have a lot of fics that I read ages ago that I need to track down and bookmark so I don't forget 'em).

That means YOU [ profile] amaleka_crone: go read some hot angsty pilots now!!!

ProgGrrl has a similar reclist too that I would highly recommend (mostly Kara/Lee fics), and a wonderful YouTube playlist of multi-fandom shipper vids (including many Kara/Lee vids) available online. You rock [ profile] proggrrl!

I've got a list of favorite vids on YouTube too, but unfortunately it only includes the vids posted on that site--so I'll have to make a more comprehensive vid reclist one of these days...

So here are the 12 fics that I rec'd behind the cut )Wheeeeeee for fanfic!
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I get to drive the [ profile] crack_van for BSG fandom for March! It's a multi-fandom rec community that I have been addicted to for ages, and yours truly will get to do the rec'ing next.

This is where YOU come in. I haven't read that much outside of Kara/Lee and Kara/anyone pairings, so I'm not in a position to rec a good chunk of the good stuff about other pairings that I know is out there in BSG fic.

Rec me the very best of the best of BSG. Stuff that would convert someone who isn't already familiar with and addicted to our fandom. It can be any rating, any pairing, any length, but no incomplete WIPs.

You can see what has been rec'd to the [ profile] crack_van community already here, and you can get a sense of what I'm inclined to rec from my memories here.

Ready, set, go!

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