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Go and watch it! FIREFLIES by [ profile] talitha78. It is the cutest frakking thing on the planet and it will make your face and your heart explode with glee and awwwwww!

I hope everyone is having good holidays! I got the best vidding present ever: a shiny new 1 TB external hard drive, wheeeeeeeee!!! No more worrying about not having enough space for eps/clips for at least a few more months/fandoms :D
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So much wow it cannot be contained.

I'm just aching and enthralled after watching this vid. It made the hairs on my arms literally stand up.

[ profile] canadiangirl_86 + Chris Cornell + Kara Thrace = Amazing.

Fandom makes me so damn happy sometimes y'all. I love you guys.
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Because [ profile] alissabobissa is just about the awesomest thing ever to awesome, she made gorgeous and hilarious icons for FRAC: Fangirls for Recently Activated Cylons. Snag one and join the movement to support your local spoilers for recently revealed cylon identities )
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[ profile] ack_attack has made a picspam introducing the characters of Lost and Battlestar Galactica to each other, and pairing future BFFs and drinking buddies up according to temperament and personal history.

It's beyond hilarious. Go Read It Now.

That is all.

ETA: cannot contain the squee about Joss's new project (in addition to Dollhouse and the comics)!
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I caught up on Supernatural and Lost with the hubz today! My spoilerific musings and squeeings:

Lost 4.03 - Economist )


Lost 4.04 - Eggtown )


SPN 3.11 - Mystery Spot )


SPN 3.12 - Jus In Bello )


Just finished having an unabashed cheese-fest with [ profile] amaleka_crone where we watched Newsies, which involved lots of singing along, pointing out boys we thought were cute when we first watched the movie (and admitting to feeling like perv's when we still found some of them quite hot), and making plans for an upcoming Christian Bale extravaganza: Metroland, The Land of Faraway, Velvet Goldmine, Reign of Fire, and 3:10 to Yuma are all under consideration. There will be lots of squeeing, to be sure.

Now I'm going to go mock the oscars with my hubby. :D
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Jo just posted the most amazing and highly pretty vid here.

It's a beautiful look at every sacrifice and hard choice Lee has had to make in the military. All teasing about Leemo aside, this vid really does him justice. It's gorgeous and damn good character meta too.

Also, I want to have sex with Chris Cornell's voice, so the, um, music selection wasn't half-bad either... ;)
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Not sure what is happening to my brain here. At least the fangirl part of it. I have been readings GOBS AND GOBS of loooooong AU J2 fics and discovering so many bloody amazing writers in SPN/J2 fandom. I'm a big fan of all kinds of pairings so I'm usually more varied in my reading (het, femslash, slash, it's all good!) but this is by far and away the most time I've spent reading nothing but slash. And it's so damn good y'all.

New favorite authors this week are [ profile] katjad, [ profile] veronamay, and [ profile] audrarose.
New favorite comms are [ profile] fluffandfold and [ profile] abouttwoboys.
The latter of those two is all romantic comedy remakes with Jensen/Jared as the lead couple. The remake of Can't Buy Me Love by [ profile] lostt1 was made of win.
My whole damn rec list is just filling up with more and more amazing fic every day!

I know that most of the BSGers on my flist could give a shit about spn/j2 so I'm keeping my squee to a minimum, but SERIOUSLY. There is nothing quite like diving head first into an amazingly prolific and talented fandom. I'm just about bursting with love for all my fellow fangirls.


And, on a different note, I am so frakking excited to get my S3 DVDs in a few weeks!!!

Not to mention, MARCH 28TH!!! I'm so excited to see season 4!
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*adjusts my pimp hat*

[ profile] euterpeslullaby and [ profile] lemontart just posted an awesome crack!vid to an Usher/R.Kelly song in which Chief and Helo realize that they've been messing around with the same girl. The clips with them 'on the phone' together are my favorite.

Crackvid linkage!

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