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podfics, bigbang, vid bunnies and knitting stuff )

In other delightful news, [ profile] sundancekid has successfully seduced me into a love of Dr Who, both doctors nine and ten, so hit me with your recs! Favorite episodes, awesome fics, amazing vids--all of the above--I wants them!

Also, delurking amnesty!

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the vids? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.
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So mainly 2009 will go down in history for me as the year we OMG-bought-a-freakin-house! But I did a bunch of other stuff too...

A year in ungodly quantities of media consumables!

Movies watched... )

TV watched )

Listened to a bunch of music )

And then I read some books...a little over 300 in 2009 )
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I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I promise :)

Catching up type stuff, state of various fandom interests, and other blather )


Enough tl;dr for now! There is a ginormous vids/bigbang/fanart recs post to follow shortly, wheeee!
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First things first. Any of my TX girls going to Dragon Con this year? And anyone else who's been before--how much did it cost you overall (flight+hotel+random-fannishness)? Still pretty broke from the whole house-buying thing but I'm kind of curious/hopeful.

Secondly, I'm taking a quick break from the usual BSG/SPN/Lost squee you'll find on this channel to do a quick getting-to-know-you/de-lurking thing. Doesn't matter if I just met you or if I see you every week and you are my BFF, I'd still like to get to know you better!

Five things about me from association meme )

And now some questions for you fab folks )
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Today was royally frakked up in RL, so after work I watched five straight episodes of Supernatural, ate cookies and pizza made by the Mr, and finally settled on this new layout I made myself.

I may have also watched and rewatched this video several times to cheer myself up:

(courtesy of [ profile] keepaofthecheez)

Bedtime now.
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I've had a few requests recently for re-uploads of old vids, and I'd been meaning to get some permanent hosting I just spent most of the afternoon/evening setting up hosting, uploading my old vids and creating a home page for permanent links. I updated all the download links in my LJ vid posts too. Now I'm pooped but I have a shiny new site for all past and future vids, yay!!!

You can check it out here, if you're curious (or if you felt like going on a wild downloading rampage *g*).

Happy three-day weekend to all my US flisters! I'll be sleeping in late, not working, and looking forward to leisurely beta'ing new Kara fic from my girl [ profile] amaleka_crone. Life is good :)
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So. Points to Rowling for finally specifying a gay character in the HPverse (despite the amazing abundance of slash/femslash in HP fanfiction to date, I don't think there has been a textually/canonically gay character until now).

But I got nothing but WHITE HOT RAGE for Fox network. I'm very happy I managed to go to as many Buffy sing-alongs as I did before this decision. Thanks Fox for sucking a little bit more of the joy out of fandom.

What the fuck is up with networks preventing me from enjoying my shows!?!

*glares pointedly at Sci-Fi and their as-yet-unannounced release date of S3 BSG DVDs _or_ the premiere date of S4*

/over-caffeinated rant
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This is my treat to myself (and all of you by extension) for working so damn hard on the homewerks today.

I made myself a mix of some of my favorite music to study to. I also envision this as the mix I will be listening to shortly while soaking in the bathtub, as well as the downtempo mood music for my next chillaxish (shut up, I can make up whatever words I want to!) gathering. Enjoy!

Track list and download link behind the cut... )
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I know I can be a bit boastful about the Mr...

but it's because he does awesome shit like this when he's bored at work.

cartoons of win! )

And my personal favorite... )
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Sorry I've been so quiet! It's a bunch of things: I've been in vid-prep mode and working on a new crackpoem, my muse has been a cranky little jerk, my baby brother is staying with us (and requiring far too much 'parenting' for a 22 year old!), and I'm still adjusting to our current living situation (house-sitting=twice as many dogs to take care of and a ginormous house/yard to keep up with).

Anyways, I'm still here and I hope to have a bunch of shinies to show everyone soon. I HAVE been watching and reading a bunch though.

Speaking of even more on the look-out for another post from me soon to pimp the hell out of our BSG crack comm. [profile] dionusia   and I will convert you all in the end!!!

*insert evil cackle and maniacal hand-wringing here*
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I had a completely fabulous birthday full of decadence and debauchery...and I received a bewildering amount of birthday-love from you lovely ladies on my f-list. So I thought I would return the love a bit with some music goodies.

DJ J's birthday dance mix
...aka "Songs to pack up my house to"
...aka "Why yes I listened to non-stop synthpop in the 80's, it is that obvious?"

Download the zip file for the tracks and track-list cover art )

And another little music prezzie for my girl D for the trip to Austin--a little NIN for everyone :) )

I do have several fannish works under way but they are kind of on hold for the next few weeks. My next three vids are going to be a Kara/Lee angst-fest to "Naked" by Tracy Bonham, my first Helo/Sharon crackvid (oh, this one is going to be good! I just have to build up all the stock footage first...), and a gen BSG crackvid to "Humans are dead" by Flight of the Conchords (this one is [ profile] wisteria_'s idea and I just barely found a decent audio file for it to start working with, yay!).

W00t! Birthdays! Music! Crackvids! Life is good :)
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So after seeing [ profile] proggrrl's pretty BSG tote, I did a little cruising on myself and wound up buying a few tee's.

wanna see 'em? )

Even cuter than my nerdy Buffy and Veronica Mars tee's of yore, if I do say so myself.
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I finished the semester!!! I can now cave in to the siren song of books and vidding and crackpoetry galore.

And to celebrate I bring you adorkable Nathan Fillion doing his happy dance on Two Guys and a Girl... )
PS: Lost last night? )

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