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As promised ages ago, here are some of my favorite holiday songs.

It's equal parts goofiness (come on, guys, you KNOW me *g*), Crooner Christmas (courtesy of Mr BQ who looooves that stuff) and hippie/folky stuff (courtesy of my parents who are hippies and folk music nerds).

Tracklist and download link )

Also, thank you to everyone for the cards: to [ profile] randomreader_05 for the sparkly star, to [ profile] latentfunction for my lovely J2 haiku, to [ profile] on_the_ground for the colorful festive card, and to [ profile] wentastic and [ profile] wisteria_ (my Georgia girls!). I do so love snail mail :D

And belated ENDLESS LOOOOOOVE to everyone for all the delightful snowflake cookies. Thanks guys!
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The first draft of my SC vid is ready for beta so I'm taking a break to check in with all my lovely flist.

In TV!land...I'm so excited for True Blood season 2! Just mainlined all of season 1 last week on Netflix and it was delightful Southern Gothic crack. All the ladies in our new neighborhood love the show so I've got a gang of middle-age Texan mama's to watch the new season with, w00t!

I'm also way excited for new Leverage soon. Bring on the geektastic Aldis Hodge and crew!

Also really enjoying the mindless joy of So You Think You Can Dance. Now somebody needs to make a fictional dance show for me. With the campy joy of Glee and the random bursting into dance of HSM, and lots of fun music and different dance styles. Okay, Hollywood--make it happen!

Also in movie!land...I've now seen Star Trek TWICE and adored it both times. Also saw T4 with the lovely [ profile] einaphets and was totally impressed--way better than I expected based on all the snarky critics.

Very excited about this glimpse of the new V!

Also planning on seeing Up, HP6, Transformers and GI Joe at some point this summer :)

And in music!land...just devoured the They Might Be Giant's kiddie albums, which were a total blast.

I'm also dl'ing several new albums right now: Au Revoir Simone, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Kasabian, Marilyn Manson, Peaches and Phoenix. Yay for new tunes!

What about you guys? Rec me books, music, movies, tv, anything!
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I've been toying with the idea of uploading a mood theme for a while and I kinda really want one now. But there are so many! And I love so many fandoms!

Do I pick the Katee one or the J2 one because I love them the mostest, or do I not pick them because I already have more Kara and J2 icons than anything else? Do I pick the Zim one because he is AWESOME? Do I pick the SGA one because they are all so pretty and funny?!? Do I pick the Jane Austen one because I am a HUGE LIT NERD????


[Poll #1346035]
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The icons. They are soooo pretty. )
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Merry Christmas (and Happy Thursday to those that don't celebrate Xmas!)

I bring a big ole' picspam of gratuitous FUNNY, HOT AND AWESOME to my flist before I run off to engage in delightful, greedy present-swapping with my family :)




THAT IS ALL. Go forth and open presents.
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What are your favorite nicknames (canon or fandom) for the men of Galactica?

There's Leemo for Lee, Papadama for the Admiral, the Tight for Colonel Tigh...but what about Sam, Helo, Chief, Gaius, Gaeta and the other men of BSG.

What are your favorite nicknames/epithets for them? I MUST KNOW. This is Very Important Info my flist.
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I've got a favor to ask of my brilliant and bounteous flist!

My brain got hijacked by an awesome vid bunny a few days ago and I need your help: I would absolutely love it if everyone would comment with their favorite cheesy eighties movie(s), particularly ones that feature absolutely hilariously bad 80's outfits.

I'm talking both the classics (like John Hughes and John Cusack and Ferris Bueller's and Back to the Futures, etc.) and the guilty pleasures (like Teen Witch and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Bill and Ted's). The worse the outfits and hairstyles are, the better for me.

So tell me your faves! Don't be afraid to mention specific characters or scenes. I need your help to make the awesomest nostalgia vid ever :)
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Because I am the queen of internal contradictions )

Quote me some stuff guys. Because it's so well-written that it guts you, or because it makes some part of you cry out in solidarity. I want QUOTAGE.
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Most beautiful SPN crack!vid ever here by [ profile] deirdre_c. Seriously, you don't even have to watch the show to appreciate the hilarity and the excessive prettiness of the Winchester Boys.


recent and upcoming tv squee )

Oh! and Scrubs will be back on this week. yayyyyyy!


prettypretty Jamie promo pics and some pilot-love rec's )


If y'all haven't read or seen it before, Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued is a recent favorite source of hilarious Brit fanboy snark with the Mr and I. Yes they may all seem like crazy and irrational arguments, but you know you've had one just like that too!

If nothing else, just take a look at his page for Angry Bed Positions. It's freakin priceless.


I'm dying to get my hands on the next Buffy issue now because this last one is so damn good! )

Speaking of my undying love for Faith Lehane, I bring you my contribution to M's recent desktop meme:

Snapshot of my desktop and top played songs in iTunes )


So. What have you guys been up to?
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cuz I'm not far enough in HP7 to start talking about that yet...

Seven habits/quirks/facts meme from amaleka_crone )


Five random questions meme from lunar47 )

Tag! Y'all are it :)

PS: Sylia posted some GORGEOUS caps from Bionic Woman. And I am now consumed by lust/awe/delight.
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I had a completely fabulous birthday full of decadence and debauchery...and I received a bewildering amount of birthday-love from you lovely ladies on my f-list. So I thought I would return the love a bit with some music goodies.

DJ J's birthday dance mix
...aka "Songs to pack up my house to"
...aka "Why yes I listened to non-stop synthpop in the 80's, it is that obvious?"

Download the zip file for the tracks and track-list cover art )

And another little music prezzie for my girl D for the trip to Austin--a little NIN for everyone :) )

I do have several fannish works under way but they are kind of on hold for the next few weeks. My next three vids are going to be a Kara/Lee angst-fest to "Naked" by Tracy Bonham, my first Helo/Sharon crackvid (oh, this one is going to be good! I just have to build up all the stock footage first...), and a gen BSG crackvid to "Humans are dead" by Flight of the Conchords (this one is [ profile] wisteria_'s idea and I just barely found a decent audio file for it to start working with, yay!).

W00t! Birthdays! Music! Crackvids! Life is good :)
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I'm having a moment of uncontrollable nostalgic squee. [ profile] amaleka_crone listed Gary Oldman on her lust/crush list and I've been dreaming of him in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead all day!

I need to cap the movie myself so I can do a proper picspam of Gary Oldman in his adorable, youthful hotness. This mini-picspam will suffice in the meantime to illustrate the glorious hottie adorkability factor. )

I need to buckle down and sign up for something at [ profile] shakes_that_fic soon because I could really churn out some Shakespearean/BSG crack about now :)
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A bunch of ramblings in which I attempt to prove that I sometimes watch/squee/obsess about shows besides BSG...and manage to horribly abuse the exclamation point. My apologies to the #1 button on my poor laptop.

A little retrospection on my fave episodes from last season of Veronica Mars and Smallville...and a spoilerish casting prospect )

Still not ready to name my "fave episodes" for The Office or Battlestar or Lost yet, but I haven't had time to completely rewatch the last season for those shows either.

And I still have to watch the last four episodes of Heroes, including the finale. *hides in shame*


L Word and Supernatural steal the entire cast of BSG! )


So to wrap up this post of randomness, I want to rec the New Zealand folk parady duo "Flight of the Concords". They are like Tenacious D with adorkable accents and a much broader subject/musical range. The cute brunette of the duo is also going to be in the upcoming movie Eagle vs. Shark. (think a romantic comedy for extremely awkward and poorly socialized people along the lines of Punch Drunk Love or Napoleon Dynamite). Check out some of their live comedy skits/songs here on YouTube.

And in vidding land, I am two-thirds of the way through what is quite possibly the most cracked-out crackvid I have EVER made. I'm now thinking that there's a good reason why I never attempted to vid techno/remixes before, and I think this vid going to give either my lovely beta or me seizures before I'm through with it. Or be the most awesome thing ever invented in the history of crack. Jury's out still.
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I uploaded this for my little brother (whose taste in music runs towards the poppy and/or dance-able), and thought I shared the link in case any of y'all want it.

Teh Download (96 MB)

Teh song list )
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I've got another vid almost done; any of you flisters feel like beta'ing it? I promise it's full of pretty pilots!

In other news, Mini non-spoilery whine about Lost )
Wasn't that wild about VM either this week. Hopefully the Office and Smallville will just kick ass tonight.

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