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So mainly 2009 will go down in history for me as the year we OMG-bought-a-freakin-house! But I did a bunch of other stuff too...

A year in ungodly quantities of media consumables!

Movies watched... )

TV watched )

Listened to a bunch of music )

And then I read some books...a little over 300 in 2009 )
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As promised ages ago, here are some of my favorite holiday songs.

It's equal parts goofiness (come on, guys, you KNOW me *g*), Crooner Christmas (courtesy of Mr BQ who looooves that stuff) and hippie/folky stuff (courtesy of my parents who are hippies and folk music nerds).

Tracklist and download link )

Also, thank you to everyone for the cards: to [ profile] randomreader_05 for the sparkly star, to [ profile] latentfunction for my lovely J2 haiku, to [ profile] on_the_ground for the colorful festive card, and to [ profile] wentastic and [ profile] wisteria_ (my Georgia girls!). I do so love snail mail :D

And belated ENDLESS LOOOOOOVE to everyone for all the delightful snowflake cookies. Thanks guys!
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Not such a big fan of working both Fridays and Saturdays these days. I keep being several days behind everyone else on watching/posting/commenting. Don't worry, I'll catch up eventually ;)

Seven Songs meme, tagged by dayl and Jo )

BSG - Faith )
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I was listening to Pitchfork's Top 100 of 2007 (courtesy of the lovely [ profile] proggrrl) last week and realized I should totally make my own mix for this year. So here goes! It's a grab bag of indie pop and dance and rock. Special love for The Shins, She Wants Revenge, Goldfrapp, Muse, Lady Sovereign, Nine Inch Nails, Mika, Chromeo, Freezepop and other artists who scored multiple slots on my list :)

Link for the download here (250 MB).

List of the 50 songs behind the cut... )
Yay for music!
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I'm still technically on hiatus for school but [ profile] alissabobissa asked so prettily for a re-upload of my Nine Inch Nails mix from a while ago.

Download link here. It's a mixed bag of favorite songs from a bunch of albums and singles. Hope you guys enjoy! Comment if you're snagging :)

*runs and hides back in school-land*
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This is my treat to myself (and all of you by extension) for working so damn hard on the homewerks today.

I made myself a mix of some of my favorite music to study to. I also envision this as the mix I will be listening to shortly while soaking in the bathtub, as well as the downtempo mood music for my next chillaxish (shut up, I can make up whatever words I want to!) gathering. Enjoy!

Track list and download link behind the cut... )
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I had a completely fabulous birthday full of decadence and debauchery...and I received a bewildering amount of birthday-love from you lovely ladies on my f-list. So I thought I would return the love a bit with some music goodies.

DJ J's birthday dance mix
...aka "Songs to pack up my house to"
...aka "Why yes I listened to non-stop synthpop in the 80's, it is that obvious?"

Download the zip file for the tracks and track-list cover art )

And another little music prezzie for my girl D for the trip to Austin--a little NIN for everyone :) )

I do have several fannish works under way but they are kind of on hold for the next few weeks. My next three vids are going to be a Kara/Lee angst-fest to "Naked" by Tracy Bonham, my first Helo/Sharon crackvid (oh, this one is going to be good! I just have to build up all the stock footage first...), and a gen BSG crackvid to "Humans are dead" by Flight of the Conchords (this one is [ profile] wisteria_'s idea and I just barely found a decent audio file for it to start working with, yay!).

W00t! Birthdays! Music! Crackvids! Life is good :)

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