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I'm very much enjoying working on a new podfic but that doesn't give me much to post about while the recording is in progress, and there are still 2 whole weeks before VVC vids hit the internets for me to squee and post and rec I'm joining in on the delightful 20 Days of Vids Meme (hat-tip to [ profile] jarrow):

Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show )

Day 2 - A male character study vid you love
Day 3 - A female character study vid you love
Day 4 - An ensemble vid you love
Day 5 - A vid everyone should see at least once
Day 6 - A vid you've watched at least ten times
Day 7 - A constructed reality/crossover vid you love
Day 8 - A vid you had to watch multiple times to understand
Day 9 - A vid that makes you cry
Day 10 - A vid that makes you laugh
Day 11 - An anime/animated vid you love
Day 12 - A relationship vid you love
Day 13 - Your "pick me up" vid of choice
Day 14 - A mood vid you love
Day 15 - A vid (by someone else) that has defined a con or period of time for you
Day 16 - A vid that told you something new about a show/movie you already loved
Day 17 - A vid you wish you had made
Day 18 - A vid that made you investigate that vidder's other work further
Day 19 - A movie vid you love
Day 20 - A narrative vid you love
[Day 21 - Make up your own question!]
[Day 22 - Make up your own question!]

Hmmm. I foresee having a problem sticking to one rec per day. Oh well--more recs for all!
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podfics, bigbang, vid bunnies and knitting stuff )

In other delightful news, [ profile] sundancekid has successfully seduced me into a love of Dr Who, both doctors nine and ten, so hit me with your recs! Favorite episodes, awesome fics, amazing vids--all of the above--I wants them!

Also, delurking amnesty!

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the vids? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.
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So mainly 2009 will go down in history for me as the year we OMG-bought-a-freakin-house! But I did a bunch of other stuff too...

A year in ungodly quantities of media consumables!

Movies watched... )

TV watched )

Listened to a bunch of music )

And then I read some books...a little over 300 in 2009 )
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Many thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup for hosting a fanvid love meme, as a complement to the fanfiction love meme making the rounds.

My thread is here if you are overwhelmed with the compulsion to say nice things about my vids/vidding :D

Happy words making the [ profile] festivid'ing go that much more smoothly!
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This looks like a fun way to add some testimonials to ye olde userinfo :)

Click and drop me some flist love if you feel so inclined!


Link me if you do this and I'll leave you some lovely gushing feedback as well.
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We're making a staff favorites display at work, and they were asking for lists of a few of our favorite books and a brief description of why we love one of them...

But they should know better than to ask librarians for book recs! Once you start, you can't stop. goes.

In Picture Books )

In juvenile chapter books )

In YA fiction )

In adult fiction )

I'd love it if anyone else wanted to do this too. Consider yourself tagged!
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First things first. Any of my TX girls going to Dragon Con this year? And anyone else who's been before--how much did it cost you overall (flight+hotel+random-fannishness)? Still pretty broke from the whole house-buying thing but I'm kind of curious/hopeful.

Secondly, I'm taking a quick break from the usual BSG/SPN/Lost squee you'll find on this channel to do a quick getting-to-know-you/de-lurking thing. Doesn't matter if I just met you or if I see you every week and you are my BFF, I'd still like to get to know you better!

Five things about me from association meme )

And now some questions for you fab folks )
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The icons. They are soooo pretty. )
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My second year vidding!

Vidding meme 2008 )

Last year )

Feel free to comment and link me to your entry if you did the vidding meme too. I'd love to hear more about everyone else's year in vidding :)
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Snagged from [ profile] taragel because it's been a while since I've done one of these.

Sexy Men/Women Meme

1. Compose a list of your top ten sexiest famous men/women.
2. Collect one picture of each on your list. (I cheated with my number ones, so sue me!)
3. Post them in your journal/blog.
4. Tag 3 people to do the same. How about y'all do this one if you feel like it, and otherwise just enjoy the pretty ;)

Lots of images so this isn't very dial-up friendly!

Top Ten Men )

Top Ten Women, some of these not entirely work safe )


See here (two years ago) and here (last year) for previous picspams of hotness.
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Too much caffeine too late in the evening and now I can't sleep!

Answers to the sooper-seekrit OTPs meme )

Winners are [ profile] dayln03 (5 correct) and [ profile] einaphets (4.5). Most everyone else got at least one or two right :)


I just assumed he had ceased to exist when I stopped paying attention to VM, but these pics from Polaris 08 clearly prove that his hotness is just INCREASING.

Jason's stubble kills fangirls dead )

Found those while drooling over these Jared pics from Eyecon 08...MOARRRRR PIX )


[credit: all photos from here]
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stolen from [ profile] dayln03
List ten quotes from ten of your OTPs. Your flist's job is to guess which of your OTPs said the quotes and from what movie/television show/book/etc. they are from.

sooper-seekrit OTPs behind the cut )

[I'll screen the comments so you can click the cut without worrying about being spoiled for the answers *grins* . ETA: comments unscreened now.]

Oooooh, and in other exciting vidding news, the bidding on Sweet Charity ended and I've been hooked up with two really lovely bidders. One vid will be a demon-hunting, ass-kicking Winchesters gen vid (song specified by the bidder) and the other will either be a Faith or SPN vid (I gave my bidder a list of vid bunnies I've had and she's going to pick one off the list). Both of them are being way awesome about letting me have lots of flexibility and creative control. And it's going to give the extra kick-in-the-pants I've needed to start vidding in new fandoms. I already have the source footage for all of SPN and Buffy, and now I have a good excuse to get going!
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Gah, I just got completely gobsmacked with a HUGE j2-au plot bunny while working out this morning, like the kind that could inspire me to write a longer fic than I EVER have (and in a fandom I've never written for no less), AND I have the new BSG ep all downloaded and ready to watch on my laptop.

So why am I flailing? Because I have to go to work and there is not enough time in the world do all the fannish things I want to do!!!! I just want to stay home and write all day, and then watch a bunch of awesome TV!

In the meantime, I'm distracting myself with that comment-meme that K and A did. Big hugs to all the regulars on my flist (M and D are tied for the top spot *smooches to both*) and waves to all the random people who've commented on vids :D

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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Not such a big fan of working both Fridays and Saturdays these days. I keep being several days behind everyone else on watching/posting/commenting. Don't worry, I'll catch up eventually ;)

Seven Songs meme, tagged by dayl and Jo )

BSG - Faith )
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So, [ profile] wisteria_ is hosting a love meme and you can anonymously say nicey-nice things about me here if you're feeling generous.
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Rather than grovel for not having been around during the holidays, I'm going to start the new year with a whole damn bunch of fandom love. First, a vid rec post for all of my favorites of 2007!

My 2007 Vid Recs by Fandom

BSG, always first in my heart *g* )

Supernatural, which I'm totally going to start vidding as soon as I get to start my Xmas gift card shopping spree! )

Other fandoms: Whedon-verse and Harry Potter )

And a little shameless self-pimpage, since 2007 was my first year as a vidder... )

Yay for vids :) If you saw or made something awesome in '07, comment and tell me all about it! Next up will be a Fic Rec list for last year, hopefully up in the next day or two.
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Most beautiful SPN crack!vid ever here by [ profile] deirdre_c. Seriously, you don't even have to watch the show to appreciate the hilarity and the excessive prettiness of the Winchester Boys.


recent and upcoming tv squee )

Oh! and Scrubs will be back on this week. yayyyyyy!


prettypretty Jamie promo pics and some pilot-love rec's )


If y'all haven't read or seen it before, Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued is a recent favorite source of hilarious Brit fanboy snark with the Mr and I. Yes they may all seem like crazy and irrational arguments, but you know you've had one just like that too!

If nothing else, just take a look at his page for Angry Bed Positions. It's freakin priceless.


I'm dying to get my hands on the next Buffy issue now because this last one is so damn good! )

Speaking of my undying love for Faith Lehane, I bring you my contribution to M's recent desktop meme:

Snapshot of my desktop and top played songs in iTunes )


So. What have you guys been up to?
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Snagged from [ profile] dionusia because I wanted to see what kind of pictures the thing would find for some of my interests. Needless to see, it was unable to find a suitable picture for 'angst' or 'rpf' or 'j2' or 'trivia'...but it does provide a very pleasing collage of my many movie/tv/literary crushes...Faith and Kara and Ollie and Sayid and Logan and C-Bale and DBor and JDoh and JRM and Shane and Lee and Anders and Spike and Mac and Jemaine and CKR. So many pretties!

My Interests Collage! )
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cuz I'm not far enough in HP7 to start talking about that yet...

Seven habits/quirks/facts meme from amaleka_crone )


Five random questions meme from lunar47 )

Tag! Y'all are it :)

PS: Sylia posted some GORGEOUS caps from Bionic Woman. And I am now consumed by lust/awe/delight.

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