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So mainly 2009 will go down in history for me as the year we OMG-bought-a-freakin-house! But I did a bunch of other stuff too...

A year in ungodly quantities of media consumables!

Movies watched... )

TV watched )

Listened to a bunch of music )

And then I read some books...a little over 300 in 2009 )
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So excited for True Blood tonight and new Vividcon vids (once they all finish downloading *g*)!!!

In the meantime...linkspams!

Cool new things I am excited about )

And some fun nerdy things )
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I'm ALL for more sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural TV shows, believe me.

But Vampire Diaries, really? )

All in all, I'm with [ profile] sundancekid. I know everyone is riding the vampire-mania of Twilight in the entertainment industry, but how about some hot werewolves or hot zombies or something else.

Or really, I would just be happy with more supernatural romance stories/books/shows/movies where the sexy, dangerous supernatural character is the female protagonist and SHE has to figure out how to navigate her strength and sexuality around a mortal man (like Blood and Chocolate!!!).

I'm pretty good on scared/weak mortal girls and sexy/dangerous supernatural boys for right now ;)
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We're making a staff favorites display at work, and they were asking for lists of a few of our favorite books and a brief description of why we love one of them...

But they should know better than to ask librarians for book recs! Once you start, you can't stop. goes.

In Picture Books )

In juvenile chapter books )

In YA fiction )

In adult fiction )

I'd love it if anyone else wanted to do this too. Consider yourself tagged!
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Haven't contributed anything fun in a while but I've been reading/watching/lurking as time allows and now I have a Texas-sized rec list to share!!!

BSG and Whedon-related awesomeness )

SPN and J2 AUs )

In books and reading-land )

Any recs for me? vids? slash? pilots? books? movies?
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Not such a big fan of working both Fridays and Saturdays these days. I keep being several days behind everyone else on watching/posting/commenting. Don't worry, I'll catch up eventually ;)

Seven Songs meme, tagged by dayl and Jo )

BSG - Faith )
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Because I am the queen of internal contradictions )

Quote me some stuff guys. Because it's so well-written that it guts you, or because it makes some part of you cry out in solidarity. I want QUOTAGE.
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So, for the record, I cried three times... )

Really it is a damn good book and a very satisfying ending to the series.

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