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My podbang for deepforestowl is HERE! I read the Scholomance series by [personal profile] astolat, which was a delight. Very happy to share it now that it's posted :D

And I got a giftie! twilight_angel recorded one of my favorite J2's HERE.

There are also dozens of other awesome podfics being posted as part of podbang (I snagged almost all of the J2, SGA, and Sherlock ones), so I will have plenty of listening material for the next while. Woohoo for podfic exchanges!
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Haven't contributed anything fun in a while but I've been reading/watching/lurking as time allows and now I have a Texas-sized rec list to share!!!

BSG and Whedon-related awesomeness )

SPN and J2 AUs )

In books and reading-land )

Any recs for me? vids? slash? pilots? books? movies?
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Rather than grovel for not having been around during the holidays, I'm going to start the new year with a whole damn bunch of fandom love. First, a vid rec post for all of my favorites of 2007!

My 2007 Vid Recs by Fandom

BSG, always first in my heart *g* )

Supernatural, which I'm totally going to start vidding as soon as I get to start my Xmas gift card shopping spree! )

Other fandoms: Whedon-verse and Harry Potter )

And a little shameless self-pimpage, since 2007 was my first year as a vidder... )

Yay for vids :) If you saw or made something awesome in '07, comment and tell me all about it! Next up will be a Fic Rec list for last year, hopefully up in the next day or two.
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So. Points to Rowling for finally specifying a gay character in the HPverse (despite the amazing abundance of slash/femslash in HP fanfiction to date, I don't think there has been a textually/canonically gay character until now).

But I got nothing but WHITE HOT RAGE for Fox network. I'm very happy I managed to go to as many Buffy sing-alongs as I did before this decision. Thanks Fox for sucking a little bit more of the joy out of fandom.

What the fuck is up with networks preventing me from enjoying my shows!?!

*glares pointedly at Sci-Fi and their as-yet-unannounced release date of S3 BSG DVDs _or_ the premiere date of S4*

/over-caffeinated rant
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This meta is brought to you by the letters M and F.

M is for Malfoy because this future!fic by [ profile] cynthia_arrow has me thinking that a particularly nasty and villainous Slytherin might just make the hottest reformed-but-still-snarky bad boy evar. I've never really cared for Malfoy, in the books or films, and now I'm having the smutty type thoughts...

F for Faith because this vid by [ profile] heresluck has been eating my brain with its amazing angsty and lush deliciousness for weeks now (plus it's to one of my favorite Tegan and Sara songs!).

I didn't like Faith at all at first when I started watching Buffy and now I luuuuuurve her. Just like I didn't like Starbuck at first, or Lex, or Sawyer, or Logan for that matter...or any of the other Obligatory Psychotic Jackasses (OPJs) that I seem to fall for eventually.

Which brings me to a pattern I have noticed over time regarding the characters I gravitate towards in my various fandoms. It goes something like this... )

Now my brain's all fuzzy. Now I kinda want to do a bigger J's Bad Girls and Boys of Fandom picspam... Well, here's hoping this meta has left you as thoroughly horny and conflicted as me :)

What about you guys? Any pathological fandom and/or attraction patterns you've noticed in yourselves?
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Sorry I've been so quiet! It's a bunch of things: I've been in vid-prep mode and working on a new crackpoem, my muse has been a cranky little jerk, my baby brother is staying with us (and requiring far too much 'parenting' for a 22 year old!), and I'm still adjusting to our current living situation (house-sitting=twice as many dogs to take care of and a ginormous house/yard to keep up with).

Anyways, I'm still here and I hope to have a bunch of shinies to show everyone soon. I HAVE been watching and reading a bunch though.

Speaking of even more on the look-out for another post from me soon to pimp the hell out of our BSG crack comm. [profile] dionusia   and I will convert you all in the end!!!

*insert evil cackle and maniacal hand-wringing here*
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So, for the record, I cried three times... )

Really it is a damn good book and a very satisfying ending to the series.

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