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So excited for True Blood tonight and new Vividcon vids (once they all finish downloading *g*)!!!

In the meantime...linkspams!

Cool new things I am excited about )

And some fun nerdy things )
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This is the kind of stuff that I LOOOOOVE in fandom. You can vote for your favorite characters in different comedy, drama, scifi and teen fandoms (and when you don't recognize fandoms/characters, you can just click a bunch of random buttons, woohoo!). Then the steel cage madness will ensue!

My girl Kara is hardcore pwning for BSG fandom. CJ Cregg and Josh Lyman are really close. Bret is beating my boy Jemaine by a mere handful of votes. Faith is getting whupped by Buffy and Spike. Logan and Weevil are both getting spanked by Veronica. And WHERE are the Sam girls? Dean is totally beating him right now?!?
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By popular request:

T-shirt version of Mr BQ's toaster love cartoon for sale over at

I'll upload more of the cylon cartoons to zazzle once the Mr cleans them up.

Happy BSG-nerd-shirting everyone!

Zazzle just pulled the shirt because someone claimed copyright/intellectual property rights on the image, WTF. Nobody else drew that besides S so maybe NBC/Uni is claiming intellectual property rights to the IDEA of cylons? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS DUMBASSERY.
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Somedays my flist is just the best frakking thing on the planet!

In addition to the wondrous help I got from y'all for my moodtheme poll, there were shenanigans of my favorite sort: CRACKPOETRY FTW!!!

Jo posted a new Jamie Bamber interview, that amongst other juicy details, reveals that he thinks he has a rather big bum for his size/stature. Fangirls to the rescue! D wrote a hilarious Sir Mixalot parody: Jamie Got Back and my brain spat out some Shakespearean spoof: The Bamcheeks curve is nothing like the moon. So much fun!
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My mom sent me this today. She doesn't even watch BSG!

Worst Commercial Placement EVER--spoilers for Sometimes A Great Notion )

*uncontrollable giggling*
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Merry Christmas (and Happy Thursday to those that don't celebrate Xmas!)

I bring a big ole' picspam of gratuitous FUNNY, HOT AND AWESOME to my flist before I run off to engage in delightful, greedy present-swapping with my family :)




THAT IS ALL. Go forth and open presents.


Oct. 30th, 2008 07:02 pm
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I feel like this is almost a vidder rite of passage.


In other news: HAPPY SUPERNATURAL NIGHT and Halloween-Eve! If you need some pretty to tide you over for an hour, [ profile] keepaofthecheez has some excellent picspams running today :)

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