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Title: Boys Wanna Be Her
Song: by Peaches
Vid by [profile] boom_queen
Summary: "I wanna be her, yes I do." For the Kara-Thrace-(Tiny Vids!)-A-Thon and [profile] taragel's birthday. Yay for kickass Kara!

Download the shiny version here (MB).

Stream at vimeo or youtube (Note: give it a minute to start loading before you hit play, so you don't get skips in the middle!).

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Firstly, YAYYY for Supernatural being renewed for season six!

And more importantly, OMG this vid is amazing and made of win. What a perfect celebration of fandom joy! I think [ profile] deirdre_c has some of the best comic timing I've ever seen in vidding fandom. I fangirl her so hard <333333333
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As promised ages ago, here are some of my favorite holiday songs.

It's equal parts goofiness (come on, guys, you KNOW me *g*), Crooner Christmas (courtesy of Mr BQ who looooves that stuff) and hippie/folky stuff (courtesy of my parents who are hippies and folk music nerds).

Tracklist and download link )

Also, thank you to everyone for the cards: to [ profile] randomreader_05 for the sparkly star, to [ profile] latentfunction for my lovely J2 haiku, to [ profile] on_the_ground for the colorful festive card, and to [ profile] wentastic and [ profile] wisteria_ (my Georgia girls!). I do so love snail mail :D

And belated ENDLESS LOOOOOOVE to everyone for all the delightful snowflake cookies. Thanks guys!
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Many thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup for hosting a fanvid love meme, as a complement to the fanfiction love meme making the rounds.

My thread is here if you are overwhelmed with the compulsion to say nice things about my vids/vidding :D

Happy words making the [ profile] festivid'ing go that much more smoothly!
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This looks like a fun way to add some testimonials to ye olde userinfo :)

Click and drop me some flist love if you feel so inclined!


Link me if you do this and I'll leave you some lovely gushing feedback as well.
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So [ profile] obsessive24 is pretty much a stellar vidder all the time. I basically watch everything regardless of whether I'm familiar with the source/fandom. Imagine the delight and squee when I saw a BSG vid by Nicky pop up on the flist. And true to my expectation, it both pleases and sparkles.

Go watch: Slow Down Ghandhi

It has [ profile] obsessive24's trademark gorgeous editing and it covers some really awesome meta about the abuse of authority on BSG.

It's a very compelling POV to explore the show from, especially since the working class doesn't get much narrative privilege on the show and when it does it comes from problematic characters like Gaius, Gaeta and Zarek. From the vidder notes:

"The intended focus is twofold: (1) The ruling elite as a dynasty born into itself, dangling Earth in front of the workers as a means of maintaining power; (2) The ruling class forming an inexplicable alliance with the Cylons - at least it must seem inexplicable to the proles, who were never privy to the elevated personal dramas of the elite - and the hubristic expectation that the proles will simply accept this and fall into line."

So go watch and squee and leave appropriately drooling comments.
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First things first. Any of my TX girls going to Dragon Con this year? And anyone else who's been before--how much did it cost you overall (flight+hotel+random-fannishness)? Still pretty broke from the whole house-buying thing but I'm kind of curious/hopeful.

Secondly, I'm taking a quick break from the usual BSG/SPN/Lost squee you'll find on this channel to do a quick getting-to-know-you/de-lurking thing. Doesn't matter if I just met you or if I see you every week and you are my BFF, I'd still like to get to know you better!

Five things about me from association meme )

And now some questions for you fab folks )
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This is the kind of stuff that I LOOOOOVE in fandom. You can vote for your favorite characters in different comedy, drama, scifi and teen fandoms (and when you don't recognize fandoms/characters, you can just click a bunch of random buttons, woohoo!). Then the steel cage madness will ensue!

My girl Kara is hardcore pwning for BSG fandom. CJ Cregg and Josh Lyman are really close. Bret is beating my boy Jemaine by a mere handful of votes. Faith is getting whupped by Buffy and Spike. Logan and Weevil are both getting spanked by Veronica. And WHERE are the Sam girls? Dean is totally beating him right now?!?
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Somedays my flist is just the best frakking thing on the planet!

In addition to the wondrous help I got from y'all for my moodtheme poll, there were shenanigans of my favorite sort: CRACKPOETRY FTW!!!

Jo posted a new Jamie Bamber interview, that amongst other juicy details, reveals that he thinks he has a rather big bum for his size/stature. Fangirls to the rescue! D wrote a hilarious Sir Mixalot parody: Jamie Got Back and my brain spat out some Shakespearean spoof: The Bamcheeks curve is nothing like the moon. So much fun!
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I've been toying with the idea of uploading a mood theme for a while and I kinda really want one now. But there are so many! And I love so many fandoms!

Do I pick the Katee one or the J2 one because I love them the mostest, or do I not pick them because I already have more Kara and J2 icons than anything else? Do I pick the Zim one because he is AWESOME? Do I pick the SGA one because they are all so pretty and funny?!? Do I pick the Jane Austen one because I am a HUGE LIT NERD????


[Poll #1346035]
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Merry Christmas (and Happy Thursday to those that don't celebrate Xmas!)

I bring a big ole' picspam of gratuitous FUNNY, HOT AND AWESOME to my flist before I run off to engage in delightful, greedy present-swapping with my family :)




THAT IS ALL. Go forth and open presents.
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[ profile] dionusia is hosting a Lee week so go show some love for your favorite blue-eyed, big-armed, angstmuffin Adama. Anything goes: icons, picspams, meta, vids, rec lists, stories, macros, and bursts of song!

Vid recs! )

And some pics and fic and fun stuff! )

YOU GUYS. I am so ready to be done with vidding prep-work and be actually EDITING. I have spent the last full three days of my vacation making notes and clips (I'm totally making a wiki with all these notes when I'm done!). I just want to make a freakin vid already! I'm so close!!!
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Gorgeous new vids to rec y'all!

[ profile] bop_radar just posted an AWESOME Gaius Baltar vid that really highlights both the humor and the evil of his ego-driven and schizophrenic character arc. Hip-hop vids ftw!

[ profile] kiki_miserychic posted an AMAZING S4 VID to Handlebars by Flobots back in June that I am just now bonding with. It explores how power, need and duty corrupt both humans and cylons in season 4 through some absolutely brilliant lyrical interpretations and editing. This vid packed even more of a punch for me than [ profile] flummery's much-lauded use of Handlebars for a DW vid.

[ profile] dayln03 has a beautiful season 1 Veronica Mars character vid that is both warm/fuzzy and aaaaaangsty. Pure awesomeness.

And a bit of vidding angst that you can feel free to skip... ETA: all better now! )
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Too much caffeine too late in the evening and now I can't sleep!

Answers to the sooper-seekrit OTPs meme )

Winners are [ profile] dayln03 (5 correct) and [ profile] einaphets (4.5). Most everyone else got at least one or two right :)


I just assumed he had ceased to exist when I stopped paying attention to VM, but these pics from Polaris 08 clearly prove that his hotness is just INCREASING.

Jason's stubble kills fangirls dead )

Found those while drooling over these Jared pics from Eyecon 08...MOARRRRR PIX )


[credit: all photos from here]
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I get so happy when VividCon vids start popping up on my flist. Such a happy-making time of year!

Be back in a few days with recs and recs of gorgeous vidding :)
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I'm having a huge DUH moment. I've just fallen in love all over again with a vidder that I already KNEW was awesomecakes, because I *airquotes* just discovered a huge cache of gorgeous and awesome and wonderful Kara vids by her: [ profile] superduperkc.

So I'm here to show a little love to KC. Because she seriously rocks my socks. And because I feel like a doofus for not realizing that she had vidded more in BSG fandom than Battlestar Inferno and Passive Manipulation (both of which I've rec'd before).

New-to-me recs!

All Fired Up - the kind of kick-ass Kara action vid that makes me want to pump my fist in the air and dance around my living room like an idiot
Scratch - the kind of achey S3 character study that makes me just fall for Kara and her gorgeous broken-ness all over again every time
You Passed By - this one just makes me cry. every time. 'nuff said.


Maybe I'll have to do a nothing-but-favorite-Kara vids rec post sometime. What are yours? We'll take [ profile] dualbunny's Cuz I Can and God Is a DJ as fandom-wide givens for favorite, so rec me something else.

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Gah, I just got completely gobsmacked with a HUGE j2-au plot bunny while working out this morning, like the kind that could inspire me to write a longer fic than I EVER have (and in a fandom I've never written for no less), AND I have the new BSG ep all downloaded and ready to watch on my laptop.

So why am I flailing? Because I have to go to work and there is not enough time in the world do all the fannish things I want to do!!!! I just want to stay home and write all day, and then watch a bunch of awesome TV!

In the meantime, I'm distracting myself with that comment-meme that K and A did. Big hugs to all the regulars on my flist (M and D are tied for the top spot *smooches to both*) and waves to all the random people who've commented on vids :D

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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So much wow it cannot be contained.

I'm just aching and enthralled after watching this vid. It made the hairs on my arms literally stand up.

[ profile] canadiangirl_86 + Chris Cornell + Kara Thrace = Amazing.

Fandom makes me so damn happy sometimes y'all. I love you guys.

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