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I've got a favor to ask of my brilliant and bounteous flist!

I have the most delighful vid bunny and I need your help: I would absolutely love it if everyone would comment with their favorite ladies of space and time travel.

I'm talking any sci-fi/fantasy movie (Contact, Hitchhiker's Guide, Star Trek, Supergirl, Barbarella, Star Wars, what else?) or television show (BSG, Stargate, Firefly, Doctor Who, and so many more!) with any element of space/time travel where it is the ladies DOING the badass stuff (not just sitting and looking cute with the maincharacterdude while he does badass stuff): Wormholes and time machines and spaceships galore! I think I've got the ladies of BSG pretty much covered, but I would really like help with... )

Tell me your faves! Don't be afraid to mention specific characters or scenes. I need your help to make the awesomest vid ever :)
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I signed up for [ profile] help_haiti. I am offering three podfics.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Supernatural (including SPN RPS), Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Stargate: Atlantis, Leverage,

Additional Info (optional): Offering one fic each for the top three bidders (either your own fic, or someone else's with the author's permission). Anything over 12,000 might not make the comm deadline but will be completed asap.

Starting Bid: $10

My bidding thread is here.
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Riding on my festivids based yay-for-challenges-I-can-do-anything high, I signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. Guys, I've never written anything over 7k! Maybe I should have played it safe and signed up to do a vid instead of writing?

The primary thing keeping me sane is that I actually have an idea for what I'm going to write and it is a plot bunny that I ADORE. I considered asking someone else to write the idea, but I was also having trouble letting go of the idea myself--which in vidding-land is usually when I decide to make the vid myself rather than foist the bunny off on someone else.

So. Biting the bullet. Going to write 20k+ of adorkable J2 AU!

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