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If you are looking for intelligent criticism or meta, just move along because all I've got is flail and squeeeee... )

Also, Bones and Leverage this week were both entirely satisfying and Hardison and Booth can keep being my TV boyfriends. That is all.
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Supernatural 5.09 )
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OMFG how awesome was that episode! )
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In search of episode reactions to Epitaph! What did you guys think?

Brief thoughts behind cut )
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Just had a delightful day of live fangirling with [ profile] sundancekid, so now it's time for the weekly recap!

Glee, in which I really really love anything where people randomly burst into song )


Warehouse 13, in which I squee over the Hogans )


Supernatural, in which EPIC bro angst is epic and I hope god is a woman )


Vampire Diaries, in which I still think Damon is hot but I need room on my tivo for Flash Forward so….too bad angsty vamps )


Bones, in which I love on Booth's wacky socks and the schmoop factor )


Now I'm going to dig back into my re-read of Charles De Lint's Someplace To Be Flying--amazing urban fantasy incorporating a lot of Native American mythology, think American Gods but written long beforehand--while my download of Epitaph finishes. Need to get all caught up before Dollhouse season two starts!
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Have to work in the morning, so here is the quick version:

I liked it )
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Mr BQ and I will be going to see the finale at the Lake Creek Alamo theatre in Austin, if any of my flisters felt like joining us (nudge nudge to [ profile] einaphets and [ profile] gypsy_sally).

BSG 4.19: in which I still love Sam the smartypants and Kara the amazing and am optimistic about the awesomeness of the finale next week )

Oh, and I'm avoiding whatever spoilers Katee apparently just leaked about the finale, so please don't mention anything from there :)
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Dollhouse premiere )

BSG 4.15 No Exit )
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This weekend was busy with RL but I finally got to watch The Oath!

spoilers! )
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My hubby turned to me after the episode was over and yelled out "get thee to the forums!"

Full episode review, so here there be spoilers )

Suffice it to say that I want MOAR.
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Yay for snark! Yay for sex! Yay for AMAZING woobie!Dean! )

Stupid hiatus...Not back till January 15th! And then there will be Lost AND Battlestar AND Supernatural and my heart will explode with joy.
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Let's hear for the season in which one of my New Shows shows some love for one of my Old Shows.

Because "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester"="Conversations with Dead People" yes/yes? Moreover, "Lilith"="The First" *nods*

Even Kripke and Co can't help but kneel at the Altar of Joss )

Haven't seen the Office premiere yet, but it's waiting for me on the dvr. Was it good?
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SPN: 4.01: the awesome, the omgwayawesome, the suckage and the relentless squee--so, um, spoilers obvs )

My show is back and it's gonna kick sooooooooooo much ass!
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So I totally enjoyed "The Hub", particularly the piloty goodness )

Also enjoyed Helo, Roslin and Baltar )

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