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It's been months since I made a vid recs post. [And what better what to proscrastinate on actually vidding than in rewatching recent faves for "inspiration"]

Vid Recs: Leverage, Psych, SPN, BSG, and True Blood )

J2 Fic and Podfic Recs )

Now your turn! Recs for me please :)
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Mr BQ and I will be going to see the finale at the Lake Creek Alamo theatre in Austin, if any of my flisters felt like joining us (nudge nudge to [ profile] einaphets and [ profile] gypsy_sally).

BSG 4.19: in which I still love Sam the smartypants and Kara the amazing and am optimistic about the awesomeness of the finale next week )

Oh, and I'm avoiding whatever spoilers Katee apparently just leaked about the finale, so please don't mention anything from there :)
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My OT3 vid, Bonafied Lovin, is up for Most Humorous in the Driver Picks the Music - Viewers Choice Awards. Yayyyyyy!

Vote for me HERE!

And go check out all the other amazing stuff by other vidders that are up for awards!
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Dollhouse premiere )

BSG 4.15 No Exit )
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My hubby turned to me after the episode was over and yelled out "get thee to the forums!"

Full episode review, so here there be spoilers )

Suffice it to say that I want MOAR.
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Merry Christmas (and Happy Thursday to those that don't celebrate Xmas!)

I bring a big ole' picspam of gratuitous FUNNY, HOT AND AWESOME to my flist before I run off to engage in delightful, greedy present-swapping with my family :)




THAT IS ALL. Go forth and open presents.
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Snagged from [ profile] taragel because it's been a while since I've done one of these.

Sexy Men/Women Meme

1. Compose a list of your top ten sexiest famous men/women.
2. Collect one picture of each on your list. (I cheated with my number ones, so sue me!)
3. Post them in your journal/blog.
4. Tag 3 people to do the same. How about y'all do this one if you feel like it, and otherwise just enjoy the pretty ;)

Lots of images so this isn't very dial-up friendly!

Top Ten Men )

Top Ten Women, some of these not entirely work safe )


See here (two years ago) and here (last year) for previous picspams of hotness.
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I'm hard at work on my two new vids but there is SO MUCH DAMN PREP TIME in vidding for a new fandom (notes! notes! and more notes!) and I got a little disheartened I took a stroll through my 'vids to watch' bookmarks tab and cheered myself up with the awesomeness of fandom/vidding/vidders in general.

Recs to share: SPN, SGA, BSG and more! )
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Too much caffeine too late in the evening and now I can't sleep!

Answers to the sooper-seekrit OTPs meme )

Winners are [ profile] dayln03 (5 correct) and [ profile] einaphets (4.5). Most everyone else got at least one or two right :)


I just assumed he had ceased to exist when I stopped paying attention to VM, but these pics from Polaris 08 clearly prove that his hotness is just INCREASING.

Jason's stubble kills fangirls dead )

Found those while drooling over these Jared pics from Eyecon 08...MOARRRRR PIX )


[credit: all photos from here]
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Insta-rec! [ profile] nicole_anell just made a gorgeous vid about Sam Anders, his character and his relationship with Kara: Electrical Storm. It's great meta for his post-cylon-awareness arc in season 4 and his devotion to his wife. BLOODY AMAZING VID y'all.

Also, I am now obsessed with Repo: The Genetic Opera, thanks to [ profile] superduperkc. How did I not know about this before? It has Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman and Ogre from Skinny Puppy! It's a dystopian sci-fi/horror rock opera! Some of the songs don't sound as strong as others, and it looks wayyyyyy gory, but it could be Le Awesome. Watch the trailer HERE and listen to my beloved Giles sing his heart out!

Lastly, TWO DAYS TILL SAMNDEAN ARE ON MY SCREEN!!!!!! I sound my barbaric squee over the roofs of the world!
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Title: Bonafied Lovin'
Song by Chromeo
Vid by [ profile] boom_queen
Pairings: Anders/Kara vs Lee/Kara (Kara/Lee/Anders=OT3 baby!)
Spoilers: Contains footage up through episode 4.03
Summary: A smack-talking showdown between Anders and Lee. Either way Kara wins!

ETA: This vid won Most Humorous in Round 22 at Driver Picks the Music Awards, yay!

Download, streaming and lyrics behind the cut )

Vidder Notes )


Cross-posted like whoa.
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Haven't contributed anything fun in a while but I've been reading/watching/lurking as time allows and now I have a Texas-sized rec list to share!!!

BSG and Whedon-related awesomeness )

SPN and J2 AUs )

In books and reading-land )

Any recs for me? vids? slash? pilots? books? movies?
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Not such a big fan of working both Fridays and Saturdays these days. I keep being several days behind everyone else on watching/posting/commenting. Don't worry, I'll catch up eventually ;)

Seven Songs meme, tagged by dayl and Jo )

BSG - Faith )
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In which I start really shipping Kara/Anders again for the first time since Farm. Still love Lee so don't start hating on me, but I love my Sammy so damn much right now that it cannot be contained.

The Anders-is-my-homeboy bits )

The chief/Cally bits and the Cally/Tory bits )

Other random bits )
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In case anyone was worried about my tendencies, this episode had me back in full on Kara!girl mode. Pretty much every emotion and action was experienced in terms of how it affected her, as per usual. I still luff my Anders to pieces but he wasn't getting much screen time in this one.

Cut for squee and ponderings... )

Things I did NOT like )
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1. Friday nights are sooooo much better than Sunday nights because I can watch and squee with buddies. Watching with buddies is sooooo much better than watching by myself!

2. Holy frakking shit that was awesome!

read more... )

In conclusion, I love my show to itty bitty pieces and I'm so damn happy it's back on the air!!!
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The first vid of my offical schools-out hiatus vid-athon! This one is for [ profile] supershineygirl for the [ profile] anders_lee challenge--I hope you like it S :)

Song: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
Vidder: [ profile] jcathm
Spoilers: Up through the end of S3
Pairing: Mainly Anders/Lee, but also some Kara/Lee and Kara/Anders (it IS a triangle after all...)
Summary: Another crackish slash vid for these two pretty pretty boys.
A/N: Crazy love for my fabulous beta [ profile] nebakanezer and her awesome help!

Links and live play under the cut )

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