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A few quick recs from my first pass through the list:

Desperately Seeking Susan: My gift! I love this movie <3

Matilda: A perfect mixture of humor, emotion, magic and love of reading. I want to hug this vid forever <3

Channing Tatum: Equal parts dancing, humor and beefcake. Pure awesomeness.

Imagine Me & You: A gorgeous, romantic and emotional vid that will leave you teary and happy.

Teen Wolf cast: They really are ridiculously cute and good-looking.

Hook: This vid will give you feelings about magic and family.

Hollow Crown: I love this not just because it features Tom Hiddleston's pretty face so often, but also because it does such a brilliant job of tying in visual parallels between the different kings and their lives.

Downton Abbey: An absolute joy of a vid. It will make your heart burst with happy feels.

Discworld: Did you know that before Downton Abbey, Mary Crawley used to be a Discworld badass?

A League of Their Own: This vid really captures the humor, strength and athleticism of these badass ladies!

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