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Discovered the Avengers
I love it so much, so much more than I would have expected, and now I have spent the past few weeks in a frenzy of fannish glee. I rewatched the Thor, Iron Man and Cap movies before we went to see it, so I already knew I loved all of them. Then I was blown away at how great Hulk and Black Widow were: Ruffalo did an awesome job with both Banner and Hulk, and this is probably the first time I haven't found ScarJo totally obnoxious since Lost in Translation. Plus, the Jossness of it all.

The movie itself had so many delightful bits, but now that I am in love with these characters, I am crazy excited by how huge the fandom is and how much fannish potential there is. I'm really enjoying Thor/Loki (Loki being the latest OPJ/baddie and/or fandoms-little-black-dress to suck me in), but I'm also enjoying gen and all kinds of other pairings. I just want to read about them hanging out and being awesome all day long.

Fave fics so far
On talitha78's recommendation, I started searching through the Avengers 2012 tag on A03 and that has worked out really well.
  • galaxysoup's Amateur Theatrics - Adorable kid!fic in which Loki accidentally changes everyone and Hawkeye steps in as his surrogate father (gen.

  • musesfool's Six Meetings Before Lunch - Six times Steve and Thor hang out (gen).

  • snack_size's avengerkink fill for boisterous Thor and virgin Steve - Perfectly captures Thor's exuberance and Steve's polite awkwardness. They are ridiculously hot and adorable together <3 (Thor/Steve).

  • astolat's Chaos War - Epic, angsty and awesome (Thor/Loki).

  • dreamlittleyo's Res Judicata - Daaaaaark. "In which Thor doesn't want to hurt Loki. Except when he really, really does." (Thor/Loki).

Comics I am now going to read
On the recommendation of some fellow fangirls, I am going to dig in to the Ed Brubaker "Captain America" and the Brian Michael Bendis "New Avengers". Then I might try to tackle the all the Civil War crossovers, J Michael Stracynski's "Thor" and Matt Fraction's "Invincible Iron Man"...we'll see :)

Fave vids so far

Developed a ridiculous crush on Tom Hiddleston
This crush rivals my previous Katee Sackhoff and Jared Padalecki crushes. It's both unfair and DELIGHTFUL for one person to be so attractive and talented and articulate and nice. I'm seriously watching AAAAAALL the Hiddles interviews, vids and gif's I can get my hands on.

Followed by the obligatory Tom Hiddleston picspam (because his stupid face is ruining my life):

Discovered tumblr
It took me bloody ages to figure out how to USE tumblr. But I've started following a few LJ friends and I've started tracking tags for some of my favorite fannish topics, and now I think I've got the hang of things. I'm boom-queen on tumblr. It has the potential to be my biggest time-suck. I can spend hours looking at gif's of Tom Hiddleston's stupid face, and when I come up for air, I'm all "what? two hours on tumblr? no way!"

Moved over to pinboard
Delicious has been driving me nuts, and pinboard seems like a lovely by-fandom-for-fandom alternative. I'm boomqueen over there too. I have been enjoying it so far. Now I just have to figure out how to make all my recs public without editing each one individually (imported them as private accidentally...).

I'm also happily working on my fandom_helps projects, a J2 AU podfic for dei and a Lee Adama is Awesome vid for someone, and I'm crazy excited about Wincon this fall. I'm so happy y'all--I haven't been this pumped about fandom in years <3

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