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Dear Festividder (and treaters!),

Thank you so much for taking on one of my prompts! I enjoy all kinds of music styles, though I admit to favorite fast-paced/uptempo songs, and I particularly enjoy vids with attention to beat work and movement.

A few favorites music artists of mine: any pop from the 1980s (Erasure and Depeche Mode in particular), Madonna, B-52s, She Wants Revenge, Cake, Beck, Tori Amos, Muse, Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, Postal Service, Smashing Pumpkins, Franz Ferdinand, The Aquabats, the Indigo Girls, Led Zeppelin, Tool, They Might Be Giants, Fischerspooner, VAST, The Faint, Metric, and Zero 7. Just some ideas--seriously, go with whatever moves you.

And for tone, though I love goofy/happy, I'm happy with any kind of theme or pairing or mood that strikes you. I like slash, het and gen in equal measure. I'm not as big a fan of scary or violent vids, but you might convince me.

Lost Girl - 2010
Music: Nothing specific, though I'd really prefer something funny/upbeat to something sad/mopey/angsty. I had thought Black Sheep by Metric or The First by Tegan and Sara might make fun gen/recruiter vids.
Details: I love all of the cast, and I ship Bo/everyone, but I particularly love Kenzi. I love her friendship with Bo, I love her outfits and her adorable faces, I love her chemistry with all the characters.

Willow - 1988
Music: Something over the top and epic, but in that funny way? That's probably not very helpful...
Details: I have loved this movie for soooooo long. It's got great world-building, good physical humor and fun characters. I'm sure plenty of the special effects seem cheesy now, but I still love it to itty bitty pieces. I would really enjoy something that showcases both the humor and the fantasy-prettiness of this movie. I would love for it to be Mad Martigan-centric!

The Scarlet Pimpernel - 1982
Details: Such a fun and gorgeous costume drama! Something focusing on the relationships or the espionage would be great. It's got hot young Ian McKellen as the bad guy--it's golden!

The Craft
Music: Something gothy to showcase the magic elements? Like Sisters of Mercy or NIN. Something girlpowery to focus on the witches? Feel Good Time by P!nk comes to mind.
Details: Such a cheesy guilty-pleasure. I love the over the top gothness, love the corruption-by-power storyline, love the girlpower bonding and backstabbing, and lovelovelove Fairuza Balk's craziness. Some Nancy/Sarah femslash wouldn't be out of line :)

Legend - 1985
Music: Similar to Willow, I imagine this with something over the top and epic, but in that funny way?
Details: Anything. I love this movie to pieces. It is so delightfully cheesy. I love the pixies and fairies and monsters. I lovelovelove Tim Curry and Mia Sara.

Real Genius - 1985
Music: I had thought of The Geeks Were Right by the Faint. Or maybe something nerdy by Weird Al?
Details: Val Kilmer! Seriously, you could make an entire vid about his hair in this movie. Also, goofy science kid antics FTW!

Flight of the Conchords
Music: I would prefer not to have the video use their own music. Would also prefer something fun rather than serious.
Details: I'd love for it to focus on the humor and friendship between Bret and Jemaine (I admit to having a stronger crush on Jemaine, if you're going to favor one or the other...). I'd be happy with either gen or slash.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)
Music: They are so goofy and fun, so something cracky like 80s pop or disco would be awesome. Express Yourself by Madonna? Something by Erasure like A Little Respect, Drama or Star?
Details: Ms Piggy is my all-time favorite, but I love all the muppets and their over-the-top antics.

Thank you and happy festividding!
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