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I'm so excited for another year of festivids! I'll work up an official 'Dear Festividder' later, but here are my sign-ups:

What I'm Offering:
  • Amelie

  • Bend it Like Beckham

  • Bound - 1996

  • Clueless - 1995

  • Coraline

  • Empire Records

  • How to Steal a Million

  • MirrorMask - 2005

  • Newsies

  • The Princess Bride

  • Warehouse 13

  • Whip It

  • Who's That Girl?

I guess all of those but Warehouse 13 are 'safety' fandoms, but a) I'm excited and have vid bunnies about several of these movies already, and b) I'm a little terrified of how tight the holidays are going to be this year so I'm trying to be realistic about time and deadlines.

Can't wait to get matched and start planning my giftie!

And What I'm Requesting
  • Lost Girl - 2010

  • Willow - 1988

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel - 1982

  • The Craft

  • Legend - 1985

  • Real Genius - 1985

  • Flight of the Conchords

  • The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)

A couple of my requests are repeats from the last year or two (someday my prince will come!) but several are new ones that I am recently in love with or where I realized OMG I NEED A VID OF THIS LIKE YESTERDAYNOWALLTHETIMES.

And yes, I seem to be particularly stuck in the 80s this year, so here's hoping my vidder will be on the same wavelength :)

Yay Festivids!!!

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