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I've got a favor to ask of my brilliant and bounteous flist!

I have the most delighful vid bunny and I need your help: I would absolutely love it if everyone would comment with their favorite ladies of space and time travel.

I'm talking any sci-fi/fantasy movie (Contact, Hitchhiker's Guide, Star Trek, Supergirl, Barbarella, Star Wars, what else?) or television show (BSG, Stargate, Firefly, Doctor Who, and so many more!) with any element of space/time travel where it is the ladies DOING the badass stuff (not just sitting and looking cute with the maincharacterdude while he does badass stuff): Wormholes and time machines and spaceships galore!

Stargate: Carter! Teyla! Weir! What are your favorite episodes/scenes of awesomeness?
Doctor Who: so many companions and I've only watched like 4 episodes--help please!
Firefly: episodes where Zoe or River are badass, or when Inara is flying something?
Angel/Buffy: I've got an Illyria ep in mind, but what else?

And what other movies/shows am I not thinking of? What about Farscape, Heroes, Sliders, Torchwood, Twilight Zone, Star Trek tv?

Tell me your faves! Don't be afraid to mention specific characters or scenes. I need your help to make the awesomest vid ever :)
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